Customize Call Outcome options

I would like to be able to customize the drop down list from the call outcome option as it doesn't represent the outcomes I would like recorded. Is this possible? Otherwise can we turn it off so it doesn't state no outcome on the timeline?

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This feature is espcially helpful if you're trying to get a certain outcome from a call. For example, I expect my team to ask for a customer referral whenever they are on the phone with an existing customer. With this feature, I could see how often that is working.

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+1 to this

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Has there been any update to this? 


Would really like to customize Call Outcome options.


This would solve a ton of problems for high volume B2C calling. Need to be able to better track sales assisted orders.

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The option to customise call outcomes would really help the way we use HubSpot also, when would this be implemented?

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I would also like this level of customisation.


Often we do not have the direct dials of our contacts and must go through gatekeepers, even if we are already in direct contact. YOu would not create a separete contact for them.


It would be great to see on the dashboard who the calls are connecting to in a snapshot.


This is valuable data for analysis.

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I concur with the idea. In fact I logged a support request and then came to know that a feature request is aready logged.


Every region/country across the worlds has different culture and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I would definitely want to customize it to suite the Indian Market



  1. Left Live Message
  2. Left Voicemail

No one uses voicemail here, so these options just unnecessarily crowd the drop-down.


  1. Not Reachable (it's different than No Answer and could be because the person is traveling in area where there is no network - yes, possible in India)
  2. Cold Response (make sense of call outcome)

So yes! My vote goes for this. Smiley Happy

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Please don't remove anything, I use all the options.


I would just like them to be customizable.

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I didn't mean to remove anything, as  said every country/region has it's own specific use cases. I just want the options to be customizable so that I should be able to choose say up to 7 statuses and give a label of my preference.


Hope this clarifies the doubt. Smiley Happy