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I would like to be able to customize the drop down list from the call outcome option as it doesn't represent the outcomes I would like recorded. Is this possible? Otherwise can we turn it off so it doesn't state no outcome on the timeline?

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This feature is espcially helpful if you're trying to get a certain outcome from a call. For example, I expect my team to ask for a customer referral whenever they are on the phone with an existing customer. With this feature, I could see how often that is working.

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+1 to this

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Has there been any update to this? 


Would really like to customize Call Outcome options.


This would solve a ton of problems for high volume B2C calling. Need to be able to better track sales assisted orders.

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The option to customise call outcomes would really help the way we use HubSpot also, when would this be implemented?

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I would also like this level of customisation.


Often we do not have the direct dials of our contacts and must go through gatekeepers, even if we are already in direct contact. YOu would not create a separete contact for them.


It would be great to see on the dashboard who the calls are connecting to in a snapshot.


This is valuable data for analysis.

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I concur with the idea. In fact I logged a support request and then came to know that a feature request is aready logged.


Every region/country across the worlds has different culture and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I would definitely want to customize it to suite the Indian Market



  1. Left Live Message
  2. Left Voicemail

No one uses voicemail here, so these options just unnecessarily crowd the drop-down.


  1. Not Reachable (it's different than No Answer and could be because the person is traveling in area where there is no network - yes, possible in India)
  2. Cold Response (make sense of call outcome)

So yes! My vote goes for this. 🙂

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Please don't remove anything, I use all the options.


I would just like them to be customizable.

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I didn't mean to remove anything, as  said every country/region has it's own specific use cases. I just want the options to be customizable so that I should be able to choose say up to 7 statuses and give a label of my preference.


Hope this clarifies the doubt. 🙂

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Hi, as a relative newcomer to SalesHub I would absolutely love to be able to customise the call outcomes in the call log as well as having the ability to change outcomes by type of call.  Are there any plans for the rollout of this functionality and, if so, any estimated timelines?


many thanks


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This is something we'd like to see as well, to record "negative" outcomes such as why the person did not want to book a sales meeting, for example that they are already tied up in a contract. We'd then like to set a workflow in the background, turning the lead status to "unqualified" or "bad timing"

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In my opinion, the ideal would be to enable us one, two or three editable options so that everyone can customize the options at their convenience given that everyone will have a different idea of how to customize. Therefore it would be like "generic options".


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Is there a timeline now that it's "In Planning"? 


I received another request from a customer today to further support the need. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, 


First off, apologies for the back and forth on this feature request over the past week. 


My name is Vijay Vadlamani and I recently joined HubSpot as a Product Manager in charge of Email and Calling Features within the HubSpot CRM. I'm here to provide an update on this feature request.


My team is currently working on improving the core infrastructure and performance related issues with calling which will make the calling experience reliable, fast, and that just works for our customers across all regions. This means we are unable to immediately deliver on additional customization features such as this one at this point in time and I unfortunately don't have an exact timeline. However, we realise the value this feature adds and your feedback here will help us priortize once we accomplish our immediate objective - to make calling fast and reliable for all our customers.


Thank you for your patience and I will keep you all posted on our progress.



Vijay Vadlamani

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Making "Not Available" a feature in the Select an Outcome field for calls.


Sometimes when calling someone, that person just isn't available. There is no point in leaving a message if you are speaking with a gatekeeper, and No Answer doesn't make sense either.

This would be helpful for data purposes on the sales side.

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We have a lot of Call Outcomes with "No Value" because the calls don't fit any of the given classifications.  I'm not sure what the exact lables should be but there should be additional classifications for calls such as:


  • Hang-up/Disconnect (when calls are cut before any real communication)
  • Accidental (dialed by mistake)
  • Other (dialed for testing or anything else)


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This is very important - just make it the same as call/meeting type drop down - should be very straightforward.

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I need an additional Call Outcome option.  Specifically, there is no applicable option to select when you make a call and the call doesn't connect.  There are instances where I make a call in HubSpot and the call doesn't connect.   A message pops up "Call failed please check the number you are calling".  I have confirmed I am calling a valid number.  The current available outcomes do not apply.


I would love to have the ability to create my own or have HubSpot add an additional outcome to the default choice list.

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I feel this feature is an absolute must-have. There are many outcomes that are missing.  


This is a feature that is definitely based on the individual business or user and should have been a custom option from the start. 

I also feel this should be a priority as the more incorrect data we have to input only makes it harder looking back and to move forward.

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I'm all for this as well. 

We do a significant number of Face to Face "calls" with our clients and the outcomes list is not at all relevant to those types of calls.

I'd love to see hubspot re-evalute this. I'm able to customize the "call type", it seems common sense to me you'd allow the admins to have customized outcomes as well.

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Can we please work on a timeline for this? We can customise meeting types already but the call outcomes are really important.