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I would like to be able to customize the drop down list from the call outcome option as it doesn't represent the outcomes I would like recorded. Is this possible? Otherwise can we turn it off so it doesn't state no outcome on the timeline?

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+1 the person who said there is a difference between 'connected' and productive call


and i'd love to have Gatekeeper for when I 'connect' with a live person but not with the person

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Agree!  We need to be able to define a connection VS a meaningful conversation.

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Hi HubSpot Community! 


We're continuing to evaluate the possibility and details surrounding  "Customized Call Outcome Options". However, at this point I am going to move this idea backwards to the "Idea Submitted" stage as we are not actively planning to deliver this in the coming weeks or months. We're continuously focused on building great products that can help you grow better, but at this time our efforts are focused around rounding out our core offerings as opposed layering on customization. 


That said, we certainly see the value in allowing customizable call outcomes and will update this issue when we re-shift our focus towards solving this problem. 

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Hey there! The little hack I've found last week for this is to customize "Call Type" (Settings-->Sales-->Call & Meeting types)

There I've put the possible outcomes for a phone call: No answer, Recepcionist, Spoke to Decision Maker, Booked Meeting, etc. (my team is composed of SDRs who make cold calling, mainly) 


I'm starting to measure these days. 

Hope this can help. 


@bsn  how many votes to you Need this has been asked for two years no and we are still getting this responce- thank you for reaching out to HubSpot Support! Unfortunately, there is currently no way to add or customize the Call Outcome options. That said, this functionality is currently in planning so I would recommend up-voting and following (Options > Subscribe) a similar request in the Ideas section of our Community Forum (here). This forum is where our development team finds inspiration for many of our new features, tools, and updates. More requests/votes for a feature pushes them to look at the feature more closely. If you follow an idea, you will be notified of a change in its development status.


How many requests/votes do you need to keep up with your users regest. smh

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I want to be able to add tags of the key points/type of call that was made.


There are two reminders that can be triggered:

1) You can set up email reminders to be sent (optional when creating task

2) You are notified the day it is due in the notification center (See screenshot from my Hubspot instance. Again this happens the day it is due (happens automatically). Screenshot below


Here is the support document for tasks -




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Our company would also benefit from this idea. Being able to add and customise the outcome options.

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Missing this feature too. :-)

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It would be very usefull YESS