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I would like to be able to customize the drop down list from the call outcome option as it doesn't represent the outcomes I would like recorded. Is this possible? Otherwise can we turn it off so it doesn't state no outcome on the timeline?

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This is an URGENT requirement? It's a necessity for any B2B company - and I'm actually wondering why this is not possible yet! 

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It's already built in. If you the admin go to setting and create your own call & meeting outcomes. 

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OK... so I am saying something totally different.

I am not talking about "CALL TYPE" this is perfect the way is set up because I can customize myself

I am talking about CALL OUTCOME

THere are are six different options

  1. no answer
  2. busy
  3. Wrong number
  4. left life message
  5. left voice mail
  6. connected

We can not expect Hubspot to add options that user want to add because it would be un-managable. People would come up with all kinds of different options



Let us users create ourcustomized options for CALL OUTCOME then we can name them what ever we want


Thats it...


Lets get this done boys and girls at development

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Yes please! It’s very surprising to me that you can’t customize this or have a separate field similar to outcomes for any other identifier that’s in a format that can easily integrate with Salesforce and/or be reported on such as product line. So it would almost be the equivalent of “campaign” in the marketing software but for logging activity via the sales tool. For instance a field to identify product line that the sales person talked about or I can think of many other identifiers different companies may need. So have the option of one or two additional fields for activity/tasks that you can customize and report on. 

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Yes, this would be really useful.  We find the task functionality very limited, and not customizable enough.

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This is a great idea! For us, we would like to be able to record when the call is an incoming call that we just logged, versus actual outreach by our sales team.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

We're planning on adding this functionality! Stay tuned for further updates.

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Please add the ability to add other outcomes to the call meeting outcomes. In our business we have kids that do not set up their voicemails, disconnected, Hung up on, etc. If we were able to add more outcomes like the call type, etc.

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I am just adding my comments on this feature. I think the ultimate solution is that this should be user-defined. I love that you give us some options to start with, but I want to be able to get a bit more granular with this, as an example, I want to have an option for Connect - Meeting Set

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I want to be able to see whether the outcome of a call was "not connected" to the right person, "connected" but not a quality conversation, or a "quality conversation" where that is defined as gaining an additional piece of qualifying information

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Yes This is a huge issue for us. 


Its very surprising that we do not have the ability to control the outcome of an activity. This is CRM and Sales Tracking 101. 

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we have been struggling with this option for the last couple of months.

We came up with some ideas but they are not very clear. I saw that other competitors have this options like Marketo. Anyway, I hope to get it soon, so it will help us.

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I also would like to be notified when this finally comes out!

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I would love to set up new call outcomes too

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This is important to allow for individual business types to customize for their team and process

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Is there any date on the roadmap for adding this? We desperately want to move from Base (now Zendesk Sell) and are blocked due to not having call outcomes available. Please implement this feature soon!

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I would like to be able to customise these properties too.  We set objectives for calls, and measure outcomes.  If we are able to customise then I could use HubSpot for a 'call outcomes' report rather than using a spreadsheet.  C'mon HubSpot! there are no negatives for making this customisable for those users who wish to tailor to their business objectives.  Linda

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I'm adding my vote to this request.


This is a pretty basic function, and I'm surprised that it hasn't been resolved yet.


Come on HubSpot developers - give us some news!!

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Amen. Customizable call/meeting/etc outcomes (and the ability to report on them ie: marking a Meeting type as Showed or No Showed) are necessary to use this for a long time instead of eventually moving to salesforce.

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I am also casting my vote towards this!