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Customization options for email frequency safeguard

This request is referring to this feature:


At the moment, the email frequency safeguard applies to regular emails and automated emails without further customization options.


This lack of additional settings typically makes the email frequency safeguard too aggressive. Once the specified number is hit, emails are suppressed. This is problematic in some scenarios:

  • Certain types of promotion are more important than others. Some companies want nurturing emails to go out but additional promotion beyond that nurturing suppressed.
  • There aren't any options to force out important emails and ignore the frequency safeguard - without disabling it entirely.


The email frequency safeguard would be a lot more useful if the following were possible:

  • Setting in the marketing email editor to ignore the email frequency safeguard (essentially allowing single emails to bypass the safeguard) = allowlist
  • Options to specifically mark emails that should be suppressed in case of a too high email volume = blocklist
  • Settings to delay marketing emails for up to X days to not violate email frequency safeguard settings
  • Overview / dashboard of marketing emails suppressed due to frequency safeguard (which marketing emails were most affected by it?)

Thank you for considering this request!


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+1, additional parameters to control the safeguard would make it more flexible for different use cases