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Customization of Customer Portal, ability of customers to close tickets

Hi team!

Worked with a customer today who had the following suggestions for our Customer Portal tool. I think these suggestions would greatly benefit our customers and their customers in turn. 

1. Customers who open tickets via the portal should be able to close the tickets as well. 

Currently, the interface is such that customers can 'file a support ticket' in the portal and see the status of the ticket (screenshot). 

However they cannot close the ticket from their end. 

On the other hand, HubSpot's customers receive an automated email that has a CTA button prompting them to 'close the ticket' (screenshot) ; it would be great if this could be built from our own customers' marketing email templates and sent out via a workflow as well.

2. Abilty to customize the appearance of the Customer Portal. 
The current template is limited to change the font, colour and logo of the Customer Portal. It does not allow for more design elements, and also the wording such as the 'File a support ticket' button cannot be customized. It would be great if more room for customization could be offered here. 

See attached screenshots for a visual reference 🙂

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Agreed, HubSpot's own ticketing system for customers (us) has the "close ticket" button. Please add this same functionality (since you have developers who already know how to do it) so we do not have to switch ticketing systems to ZenDesk for such a basic feature. 


100% agree, we just launched the portal for this very purpose. We want to expose fields for the end users to change many different values of a ticket... Including closing / re open etc 😔

HubSpot Employee

Working with a customer on this! It is creating a lot of pain points so it will be great if we can allow the customers to close or reopen the tickets from their end. 


This would be a great advantage to us if we could have this functionality in the Customer Portal tool, most definitely!

So many headaches currently due said limitations 😞


It would be great if we could add content into pages for the customer unique to them such as embedded reports or specific SOPs for them.


Yes yes a thousand times yes! It's so frustrating that when I am interacting as a client with HubSpot's support, I can close and reopen my ticket but my clients are not afforded the same consideration. HubSpot team- can we please make this happen? Huge wishlist item for sure.


Plus one for this feature to allow the customer to incidate the issue is solved. Even the Support Inbox in HubSpot has such a link. In AWS support, there is such a button too. Look forward to this.