Customization / Formatting Options for Pop-up Form Follow-up Emails

Would be great if we could allow for further style/customization options for follow-up emails in the pop-up forms tool. Currently, the emails are unformatted and cannot have customized line heights, fonts, etc., and the unstyled emails being sent out to form submitters are not ideal. This becomes particularly difficult for those without access to workflows/email automation, whose only follow-up options are the default ones through the pop-up forms tool.


Any further customization we could add to these emails would be much appreciated!

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I also miss the option for custom styling af the pop-up form. 

I would love if we could:

1. Decided the background color of all the views in the pop-up and not only the first view

2. Upload the company font so it matches the website


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Adding on - would be very helpful to be able to customize the footer in any form follow-up emails. Currently you can only include company address.