Customizable Shopify Hubspot Workflows

Currently, the Shopify-Hubspot integration makes it so that any workflows you wish to publish must follow a strict format. For example, the "abandoned cart" workflow requires that three emails be sent out to customers. Requesting a feature to revise this workflow like any others (and to ideally have it fully editable within the Hubspot workflow page rather than on the eCommerce page)

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dorecchio Regular Contributor | Silver Partner
Regular Contributor | Silver Partner

I totally agree with the need to have more control over workflows and emails. 


For example, we are trying to edit the abandoned cart email. I would like to insert the abandoned cart link contact property record as the data for a textual link in a rich text module in an email. So as an example, embed the link into text: click this link to complete your purchase. This capability would eliminate inserting an ugly URL into the email. 


An additional idea that relates to workflows is to trigger a workflow based on "browse abandonment" for contacts in our database. If a contact views one or more store pages, we would like to be able to trigger a workflow to then send an email. 


Although the shopify integration works, it is lite on features. 

- Dave