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Customizable Inbox Settings

I think it would be very beneficial to be able to customize the Inbox in Conversations just as we are now able to do in the Tickets view. 


The reason being is that it would benefit any team to filter and see certain messages in their own status categories, departments, etc that work from 1 inbox. For example, our team has "New", "Waiting on Customer", "Waiting on Support", "Manager Review", "Closed" - breaking the inbox up into these categories would be beneficial to see the count of emails, chats, forms are in each Status Category (or other folders that benefit your company/team) rather than the default view of All Conversations, Assigned to me, Unassigned, Email, etc. Since the Inbox and Tickets views do not mirror in functionality it would be very beneficial if we could customize and set up our own filters in both places to best accommodate many users and teams!