Customise the deals 'board' view

Sales users should have the ability to customise the deal boards i.e. what information is displayed on the board. Currently it's set by default to show the deal name, close date and an associated contact tag. User should be able to either select from a list or better yet, drag and drop the fields that wish to see on the deal boards.

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Would be much appreciated to have more flexiblility in which informations you can see for every single deal on the deal board view

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Agree. Not all users of Hubspot are willing to refer to every single "ticket" or "deal" page for the details.

Some just want the key points.

To be able to customize the settings for the board view is almost mandatory for me to satisfy those people.

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I completely agree! I'm shocked we don't already have this functionality! 

Our team likes to use the deals page for pipeline review but the way it's currently set, each tile requires a deep dive or guided tour to fully understand where it's at.

To be able to just look and see pertinent information would be amazing!

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I am concerned that this idea has been posted since 2017 and no progress has been done.


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Indeed, since 2017 and not even a comment from Hubspot - giving at least a perspective

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@hroberts can you help with this?