Customise the deals 'board' view

Sales users should have the ability to customise the deal boards i.e. what information is displayed on the board. Currently it's set by default to show the deal name, close date and an associated contact tag. User should be able to either select from a list or better yet, drag and drop the fields that wish to see on the deal boards.

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It would be great if you could change the display properties of the deals on the deals board. More specifically, the ability to change the closed date to a different data value i.e. I would like mine to be location based.

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Agree, it would be extremely beneficial to allow users to customize what properties appear in the Board view. 

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Couldn't agree more that there is a need to be able to change the close date in the board view.  What I would really love to see is a metric that tracks the number of days in that stage of the pipleline.  IE


John Smith

7 days in Stage 2 

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Would love if this was applied to the ticket board view as well in Service Hub! 


- Posted on behalf of Apoorvi Patodia

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Hi We also need this feature to vusually check the products that the lead wants to buy in the pipeline

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It would be VERY valuable to edit the information displayed on the deal board! For example Date the Deal Moved to the current stage. Also We created a workflow to add this date to the Deal since even though Hubspot know the date there isn't an easy way to figure it out. For example the Modified date includes Activity and the Activity date appears to not include when the deal moves through the stages.

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This feature will make the board view so much more powerful!

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Yes, being able to customize the card with some more information would be very useful.  The board is great visual representation of a pipeline, but not very useful with the limited information included on the cards.

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'Close Date' is irrelevant to our business and having it displayed on the Deals Board is disruptive to our business. We would like the simple option to hide the 'Close Date' from the Deals Board and or display another property, including custom properties.

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Another vote here for this - I like that it's clean with just a couple variables, but it would be nice to switch out "close date" for another metric that's more appropriate for each team. I'd love to do "last contacted" instead - even though I can sort them in order of this parameter, another confirmation would be great. Or a little icon to show that there's already a follow up task asigned to that deal!