Customise the deals 'board' view

Sales users should have the ability to customise the deal boards i.e. what information is displayed on the board. Currently it's set by default to show the deal name, close date and an associated contact tag. User should be able to either select from a list or better yet, drag and drop the fields that wish to see on the deal boards.

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Easy solution (seen on a couple of other CRM pipelines) is to display on the board cards the first 4 columns defined in the Table view (which is customizable).

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I would love this! My top features would include:

1. Are there any tasks assigned to that deal?

2. Is the deal a rush/priority? Could possibly be indicated by color?

3. Users assigned to deal (so management can get a full picture)


I spoke with Hubspot about this today, and they said that it is a highly requested feature, but that they want to make sure not to overcrowd the board with information. I think this is valid. 


Maybe certain items can show up in icons in the board view, so that the information is condensed? Just a thought. My team is very visual Smiley Happy

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I would love to be able to color code and set priority. How cool would it be to also show with a small icon that a task was overdue.  AGREE!

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Count me in to wanting the ability to format and specify what shows on the card (Board view).  In our case, the default view doesn't look all that great. I'd like to be able to add a hard return between 'Amount' and 'Deal Name.'



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Writting on behalf of an user:


It would be great if we can have a choice of showing the icons of associated contacts/companies in each deal cards. As for now, the size of each cards will change depends on the content of the deals and it may affect the visibility of deal board view.

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I think this is very critical to fix !
We sell shoes, so amount in '$' is less relevant to us.

We want to see a quick overview with how many pairs involved per deal, so I created custom property 'pairs' but can't put it in the overview. Close date is actually one of the least important things to me and most other users I guess...


Hopefully this gets fixed very soon! Smiley Very Happy


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I need to be able to modify what I see in the boxes in the board view. I especially need to have the deal owner appear as we do not know whos leads are whos without going in to each deal. this is not convienent.


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This issue needs prio ! =)

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i would love to be able to see next activity date or scheduled tasks on the board view