Customise the deals 'board' view

Sales users should have the ability to customise the deal boards i.e. what information is displayed on the board. Currently it's set by default to show the deal name, close date and an associated contact tag. User should be able to either select from a list or better yet, drag and drop the fields that wish to see on the deal boards.

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I am very surprised that this is not customisable. Does anyone know if this is something Hubspot are looking at?



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Indeed, it would be great.
Nothing really fancy, but for example having the person in charge is a quick win when you manage a lot of people.
Obviously, you can filter by owner, but say you have 10+ owners, you can't know directly who is in charge from the panel on a certain deal. Sort of same logic as Trello boards with labels.
Moreover the close date is only useful in one pipeline for us, and having it displayed is pretty misleading.

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I'd love to be able to see the next scheduled activity on the deal board. 

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to show the company in deal boards is a MUST, if not set as standard it must at least be customisable

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This isn't just an idea, it's absolutely critical to rapid digestion of the deals board between team members.


'Close Date' doesn't even make my Top 5 things I'd want to immediately know about a deal!


Looking forward to this being implemented ASAP.



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Agreed- It's great that we can now build products directly into the deals, and we're using this  as a requirement on all deals.  However, with the release of this feature we stopped using all of the custom properties we'd built to capture this information previously. 


However, now we're a bit blind; we can't see the products in a deal view, and the data isn't accessible in any export or useful dashboard view. What does show up in the dashboard seems to be significantly delayed and not showing the full range of products being applied to deals - though that's difficult to validate when we're unable to see the products applied without individually pulling up all of the deals and manually tallying what's being sold.


Is there any ETA for when the deal properties will be more accessible and the dashboards will be better customizable?

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Pipedrive has a nice way to see and customize the Deal board. Would be very cool to have this in Hubspot.

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I also need other important things on my Pipeline, such as products offered, comments and other kinds of information! Really think that this is A MUST feature to have.

Hope we could have this ASAP.

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Definitely agree, Close Date would be pretty far down our list as well. I know you can use filters to filter by say Deal Type but if you can't customise the information on the card, then should be able to save these filters as custom views.