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Customise Meeting Rotation Settings

Our SDRs are working a large volume of prospects/contacts per day with the goal to book meetings with AEs. The easiest way is to book meetings with our AEs is to use the "Meeting" link directly on the contact, as this doesn't require the SDR to leave the contact they are working on. 


We have created a Meeting Rotation, however each time the SDR uses this they have to manually add: 
1. Meeting name 
2. Meeting location (in our case, Google meet). If this is not added, the customer will not receive a meeting location to join their upcoming meeting with the AE, causing confusion. 

3. Meeting location details are not included in the reminder emails, and customers are confused at where/how they join the meeting.


If we had the ability to set a default meeting link and name, this would remove the manual time for the SDR to update at the time of booking + eliminate any human error + remove confusion for our prospects. 


We can use the standard meeting links, however this requires the SDR to leave their contact in Hubspot and we cannot easily see the AEs full availability over the week. 


Thank you


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