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Customise Global Search Results Settings, including Properties showing in columns, order, length

Currently, when using the Global Search Function, we cannot amend the default Global Search Results Settings to display properties in the Global Search Results View columns that are relevant to the specific business, and customise views to different teams/ team members in the business. 


i.e. Global Search Results for Contacts only show default columns for Name, Email, Phone number, Primary company, and job title. 

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 3.51.36 PM.png

Global Search Results for Companies only show default columns for Company Name, Domain, City, Region, Phone and Company Owner. 

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 3.51.43 PM.png

Similarly, we are locked to default properties with Deals, and all other objects. 


We are able to tailor the Global Search Results settings to meet the needs of different teams/users, much like the way we already can edit the object-specific search result views with the Contact/Company/Deal search tabs. This will enable us to: 

- Choose properties to display in the Global Search Results view 

- Choose order of columns that display 

- Change length of column.


Different teams have different needs: 


Use cases

Different properties/columns to display for different teams 

- Service teams may find it more useful to see a customer code property/column in the Global Search Results View; while they can use the Global Search to find the correct company, they can't see on the screen they are clicking on the correct company, because we cannot bring in the <CUSTOMER CODE> company property to the results view. 

- If searching companies, would be great for sales teams to see the primary contact in a column, and click directly onto this, rather than needing to click on the company record, to then search for the primary contact 

- If searching tasks, would be great to see the internal task owner in a column, so you can easily see accountability. 


Ability to edit length of columns 

There may be several entities e.g. deals, companies, with nearly identical names, but a small variation right at the end of the deal/company name. So we can correctly read the name, we need to be able to edit the length of 1 particular column in the display screen. This means we don't have to click into the record/hover over each record, to read it. e.g. COMPANY NAME is likely to be longer than other properties, so we want the ability to make this column longer than others. 


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This is a great idea and can't believe that it's not out of the box function. And just how is it determined which columns do show up? When I put in a search it doesn't even seem to display the secondary attribute on a custom object which you'd expect to be at least the bare minimum. This is completely ridiculous.  


Incredible this is not an aout of the box option.


This would help especially our Sales and Call teams immensely.


My sales team is asking for this - we have an internal customer UUID and sub account UUID that are custom properties and these are more reliable lookup properties than name or email for our business, and this is true of every business I have ever worked at. I would expect that we would be limited to making no more than 2-5 of these custom properties global searchable and it would be an option to toggle on the custom property and there would be a configurable view for the default contact search options, just like there are default configurable views in most other places

And that would go for us as well.
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Hey all. PM for Global Search here. We expected this ask after we launched the curated properties that you see on the Global Search results today and so glad that this ask has gotten so much attention. This is now in planning for us to start building and we are hoping to get it into your hands by Q4 2024.

Meanwhile, we would love to chat with anyone here who could share more about how you expect this to work and it impacts your own workflows. Feel free to DM your insights or your email id so that we can setup a few interviews.


@NazzMohammad I'd be happy to discuss it. Will DM you. I'm a new customer who just switched over from salesforce enterprise, about 50 seats. 


@NazzMohammad I'd be happy to chat with you. We use a lot of custom fields, so being able to show these over the default fields in search results would make the information so much more meaningful and immediately useful. Even just some basic customisations like being able to chose the sort priority for the results, would add a lot of value. I believe it currently defaults to displaying by create date with oldest first but for us, Contacts would make more sense to be sorted by last contacted, and deals would make more sense to be created most recent, or even last activity date. 


When is the deadline to launch this new feature? We're needing it in my company

HubSpot Product Team

Hey everyone following this idea 👋
Could you help me understand if you search by the fields you want to display or you want them to be displayed just for differentiating between the results?

cc @AnnieRECIPE 


@NazzMohammad We would want to see the fields in order to differentiate the results as the search does not seem particularly precise for us.

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We need the functionality of BOTH: 

1) Searching by the fields we want to display, AND

2) Displaying fields to differentiate between the results. 


e.g. I may search by <CUSTOMER CODE> company property, so I can then easily in the view click into associated contacts. 

I may also seach for a COMPANY that has multiple geographic locations and billing centres (e.g. parent/child relationships): to know which is the right one to create a deal from, I need specific columns in the search view that show e.g. <LOCATION>, so I can select the right company. 

Thank you. 



HubSpot Employee

Hi everyone. I am the designer on Global Search. I would love to connect with you to learn more about your thoughts on how to improve Global Search. We are also rolling out some new features in the next few months, and I would love to show them to you and get your feedback as well. You can schedule a time with me through  this link


Here's an example of how my team would like to change the default view:

Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 12.14.50 PM.png


@Chzheng @NazzMohammad Happy to connect with you on the changes in UI that are needed.  This is an important functionality that is missing today.