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Customisable Social Media Video Thumbnail

When scheduling your social media posts for video content, the system does not allow you to customise the thumbnail. It creates an autoplay thumbnail based on the first frame. 


Therefore in order to customise the thumbnail for social media video posts, you have to go directly to the social media platform to upload the content and select the thumbnail that you want. 


This defeats the purpose of using hubspot to manage your social media content if you require customised thumbnails. 

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September 12, 2023 10:31 AM

Hi all, you can now select the thumbnail for your video content and it will be maintained on the social network.  


  1. From the social composer, select the video icon
  2. Hover over the video you want to edit and select "details"
  3. On the file details screen, scroll down and select "change"
  4. This will direct you to Hubspot files, where you can select "change thumbnail image"  
  5. The video preview will display the new thumbnail selected

Please note on some social networks videos will auto play. 

Feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions or issues!

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Commenting to bump this - customizable thumbnails that conform to different social media platforms should be the standard for all automated social media programs. Thumbnails are half of the game when it comes to social media marketing. 

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Bumping this as well, customisation of thumbnails for all social platforms is urgently needed.


We've just upgrading to Marketing Pro and I am shocked that this is not already included. Customisable thumbnails are urgently needed in social scheduling.


Indeed needed! Starting videos on black - or "cheating the video" by adding the picture you want on the first frame of it is not professional. 


How is this still not a thing?


Needs adding ASAP


Many requests on this issue in the past month, keep it coming. This should be a standard for a platform as large as Hubspot. It's frustrating to have to switch platforms for social media scheduling especially when you are posting primarily video content. @ckhubspot can we get an update here, please or at least explain the rationale of why this isn't being worked on?


This is absolutely vital and defeats the entire purpose of using Hubspot social media tool...


Would appreciate if the developers team can look into this...


Very dissaoppointing to have this limiting restriction that essentially downgrades the quality of our social posts when they originate from Hubspot. The pervasive use of animated clips in marketing will cause Hubspot to be left behind without the ability to set thumbnail images. This is such a basic and inherently needed function, I did not even think to ask if it was possible when we upgraded our Hubspot plan to include the social channel linkages -- now I am regretful. 

Even if it could smart select a frame for the thumbnail that is not just a blank solid color block, that would be an improvement. 


Selecting a cover image in videos is a must-have, especially when using Instagram!


I'm a HubSpot fan (used the tool in the past), and I'm just switching from Later to HubSpot, but I'm surprised this feature is not available yet.


Would appreciate this update, and moving all our social media strategies to HS --- thank you! 


Any news on when this might be implemented. This is absolutely critical for us to be able to use HubSpot as our Social Media Scheduler. We are currently trialling HubSpot as a new account, but so far have run into this issue quickly and seems a basic feature of scheduling. 
Seems this issue has been open since 2018. 
It is on the roadmap at all? 


Yes please! All the social media platforms are prioritizing video and not being able to select the thumbnail basically renders HubSpot's social functionality useless. 😞


Need this! Important in all branding perspectives and work more effeciently!!


P.S.A. - This feature is now available!


  1. First, go to Marketing -> Files.
  2. Find the video for which you want to edit the thumbnail.
  3. Click on "Details".
  4. Below the video preview, you will now find a "Change thumbnail image" link!


I found this on my own while I was looking for details about a video that seemed to have issues rendering, and I was surprised this thread did not mention it.

Hope this helps everyone who commented above!


This feature is important. Please enable it like in the old version.


@SGagnon Thanks for finding this but I did all those things and published three posts and none of them had the thumbnail... Not sure what else could've made that work...

Also putting in my vote for this feature to be natively put in the social media workflow not just in the files portion. I've used other platforms that have this...


Wow, this thread is over two years old, and this important functionality is still MIA. I could not understand why our embedded HubSpot videos would not use the defined thumbnail image. A quick search led me to this thread. I had to switch our video from HubSpot to YouTube just to be able to define thumbnails.


They could AT LEAST include a disclaimer on the feature that says "thumbnail only works on HubSpot-hosted pages" because clearly users keep learning about this issue the hard-and-frustrating way. Or, you know, maybe they could FIX IT. 


@SGagnon yes the feature is there but what they fail to mention is that apparently it only works if the video is embedded on a HubSpot-hosted page. If you're posting to social media or hosting your site elsewhere, it doesn't work.


This is a major drawback for Hubspot. It brags about its prowess in social media management, but lacks some of the key features. Ver unlikely for me to renew my hubspot pro membership until Hubspot fixes this asap instead of asking its employees to go away for a rest week.

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Absolutely agree on this one! When posts are done via the Social Platforms, I can adjust the thumbnail on any of the videos. In Hubspot, when the file is uploaded, there is an option to adjust the thumbnail view, but this doesn't seem to be carried over on the file when leveraging it into a social post. This is a basic one that needs to be fixed especially given all the stats on Videos being prioritized for social engagement currently. Defeats the purpose if I need to post into the platform versus from HubSpot just to be able to do this. Please fix this! 🙂

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@hubspot How is this STILL not implemented??????