Customer portal for Tickets

Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc.


Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.

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@SalesIsScience - have you made any progress on your API-based rendering of the Support items? I ask, because we are beginning to head down that path because HubSpot has not provided any clarity on if and/or timeline to the addition of this much-needed functionality. We are not seeing Status as an available field in the API, though and Support does not find this value either. Clearly a ticket view without Status is going to be a non-starter out of the gate.

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No, we decided to continue using FreshDesk, which has a customer self-service portal. We cancelled our subscription to SupportHub.

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@goconnor - can you comment on availability of Status as an API available-field? With HubSpot Service Hub customers forced to self construct customer views into outstanding Service Hub tickets the Status field is key.  If you can share more details surrounding timeline for availability of the native functionality that would be optimal, but guidance on the API data would be a decent start. 

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@jholyoak , thanks for asking.  I have been able to make some progress.  It is going to require using an OAuth integration to loop back onto each ticket for each portal.


You need to use the associations API to get the associated pipeline for each ticket and then call the pipelines API to get the stage name for each pipeline ( one support hub might have multiple pipelines).  once this is done you will either need to store this data inside that app and refresh it from time to time or call these other apps on every load.  It is unlikely that calling these APIs everytime, will be allowed with HubSpot's API limits.  I am planning on storing this data inside the app as it is likely to be updated infrequently.

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We've created a Customer Portal where any HubSpot Contact can be invited to, and then they can view their own or tickets associated to their Company. They can filter, view Notes and Add Notes.


Try it here:

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+1 We would love this feature.

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Would really enchance our customer experience!


Yes Please!!!
This is the must-have feature and we are getting so many requests for this feature from our client. Please release this feature to Hubspot as soon as possible.


Please move this to implementation. I am surprised to see that this request is still being reviewed even though there are two years worth of comments supporting the need for this type of client communication and visibility.