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Customer portal for Tickets

Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc.


Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.

HubSpot Updates
March 07, 2022 05:04 AM

All Service Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts now have access to the new customer portal tool. Read more about how to set it up in this article.

In Beta
October 06, 2021 09:04 AM

Hi all! We now have a customer portal feature in public beta for Service Hub Professional and Enterprise customers. Thank you so much for all of your feedback to date; we appreciate it so much! 


We will be expanding the beta over the coming weeks and months. For those who would like access:

  • If you have already DM'ed me for access to this beta: I have made a note of your details and will add this feature to your account in the coming weeks, if it is not already there! 
  • If you have not already contacted me or your CSM about this feature: Please submit this form with your details. There will be a delay to get access, but the feature will be in your account in the coming weeks.

You can find setup instructions in this KB article, as well as this Academy lesson

By accessing our beta, you agree to the HubSpot Beta Terms.

August 06, 2021 11:41 AM

Hi folks! Please DM me with your portal ID and email address if you are interested in participating in the beta. Thanks!

March 18, 2021 01:29 PM

@FAvédian & @mikloso happy to take down your details for the beta. Would you pleasee send me a direct message with your email and HubSpot portal ID? Thanks!

January 22, 2021 01:38 PM

@AnastasiaGH sure! If you personal message me your email and Hub ID, I'd be happy to take note of it.

In Planning
January 20, 2021 12:06 PM

Hi all! Thank you so much for the feedback and for your patience. I'm updating the status of this idea to "In planning."


We plan to have a beta open up later this year, and I will be sure to post additional updates here as the timeline becomes more clear.

Being Reviewed
April 22, 2020 03:27 AM

We are currently reviewing bringing this feature to Service Hub and will update this post when more information is available

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@goconnor Wonderful news. I posted to the idea stream last year about it. It is our #1 enhancement request on HubSpot and we use Sales / Service / Marketing Professional Hubs pretty heavily. 


Good move on the Product Management team part. 

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I want to plus one this idea. We have clients requesting this and we would like to use it for ourselves!


I have been playing around with the API in order to build this out as a side project.  My current ideas on the subject and interface are below.


In order to implement it correctly, the app would authenticate with oAUth to get access to all of your company's tickets and then sync the data out of Hubspot on a schedule, every couple hours I think.  Your customers would then go to your specific portal login and see a listing of all tickets their domain is associated with.  


When someone new registers on your portal URL you would need to approve their access and associate them to a company domain in Hubspot that the tickets are also associated with.  Once in they could re-open or close a ticket, that is just changing it's status.


Pulling in conversations and other associated data or directly replying to a ticket in the app would be much more challenging.  


A limitation of the API is that the name of your pipeline stages / the pipeline itself are not exposed on the ticket data, only their value so I am working on a way to fix this as well.


My first prototype screenshot is below.

hb Tikcets.png


Please do this - SO IMPORTANT


Upvote 1,000 times over!


Experienced a bit of an "insult to injury" moment on this front today. We've been working to create reports of open tickets to be sent to clients unhappy with their inability to review their own open tickets.

First key challenge - reports cannot be autorun on a time-based basis. The only thing that can be run on a scheduled basis are dashboards. Our thinking - OK, we will build a dashboard which contains the open tickets for a specified client and have it auto e-mailed to the client.

Next challenge - dashboards can only be auto e-mailed to HubSpot users. OK, we will auto-send the Dashboard to an internal HubSpot user and then build Outlook-based auto-forward logic to get the Dashboard to the end client. Kludgy, not optimal, but workable.

Next challenge - dashboards e-mailed from the system only include a very small number of rows for a cross-tab style report. If the client has more than that many rows of open tickets they have no way of seeing the full output. That's not workable.

Further fallback option: we will create reports specific to the clients that have the data needed, run them manually on a routine basis for all the clients who require them, and then manually send out the cross-tab report export in an Excel format. Far from optimal, but what choice do we have at this point?

Final insult - we can't create the report we need to manually run and manually send to our clients to fill the gap in core HubSpot functionality. You see, one of the fields our clients want to be able to see is "who opened the ticket?" That can't be done on a Ticket-based report. Associated Contact - is not a field available as a ticket property in the Reporting set-up. Create a Cross-Object report? Nope....Contact is not an available field in the Company properties. If I build the cross-object with Contacts as the object secondary to tickets I can Filter on named (not Company ID) Company field but it does not pull the full record set (confirmed by HubSpot support).

@goconnor - is there any insight you can provide? Even my workarounds need workarounds at this point. I love everything that HubSpot Service Hub is bringing to us at this point outside of this key set of functionality. My clients are getting antsy because they cannot get at the information they need. Help.

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We are a SaaS company that needs this. Ability to show the customer's tickets is important for good customer service.


Ideally, the list can be filtered by tagging, so that different users can be shown different sub-sets of tickets (e.g. type=all, type=billing etc)


Very important for us as SaaS business: the list must be available via embedding + must support SSO. If there is no SSO, then the user logs on to our application, requests the list of tickets and then is asked for a new/different set of credentials for the Hubspot list. Cannot work. MUST support SSO. 



The way that Hubspot Support Inbox works is well set up. Flip that around and we'll be in business!


@SalesIsScience - have you made any progress on your API-based rendering of the Support items? I ask, because we are beginning to head down that path because HubSpot has not provided any clarity on if and/or timeline to the addition of this much-needed functionality. We are not seeing Status as an available field in the API, though and Support does not find this value either. Clearly a ticket view without Status is going to be a non-starter out of the gate.


No, we decided to continue using FreshDesk, which has a customer self-service portal. We cancelled our subscription to SupportHub.


@goconnor - can you comment on availability of Status as an API available-field? With HubSpot Service Hub customers forced to self construct customer views into outstanding Service Hub tickets the Status field is key.  If you can share more details surrounding timeline for availability of the native functionality that would be optimal, but guidance on the API data would be a decent start. 


@jholyoak , thanks for asking.  I have been able to make some progress.  It is going to require using an OAuth integration to loop back onto each ticket for each portal.


You need to use the associations API to get the associated pipeline for each ticket and then call the pipelines API to get the stage name for each pipeline ( one support hub might have multiple pipelines).  once this is done you will either need to store this data inside that app and refresh it from time to time or call these other apps on every load.  It is unlikely that calling these APIs everytime, will be allowed with HubSpot's API limits.  I am planning on storing this data inside the app as it is likely to be updated infrequently.

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We've created a Customer Portal where any HubSpot Contact can be invited to, and then they can view their own or tickets associated to their Company. They can filter, view Notes and Add Notes.


Try it here:

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We've created a Customer Portal where any HubSpot Contact can be invited to, and then they can view their own or tickets associated to their Company. They can filter, view Notes and Add Notes.


Each portal is custom branded, but here is the vanilla version:


@darynsmith Where can I get more information on the capabilities of this portal?

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+1 We would love this feature.


Would really enchance our customer experience!


Yes Please!!!
This is the must-have feature and we are getting so many requests for this feature from our client. Please release this feature to Hubspot as soon as possible.


Please move this to implementation. I am surprised to see that this request is still being reviewed even though there are two years worth of comments supporting the need for this type of client communication and visibility.