Customer portal for Tickets

Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc.


Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.

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This is a must for us... It's sometimes kind of confusing for the customer if their ticket was actually created or not, and if it's being taken care of or not. Right now we're considering switching to zendesk, they seem to have this functionality already.

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Yes, it is a must ... we had Zendesk and we switched to HubSpot and we are very worried about having lost this basic help desk functionality.. 


and we don't see that there are HubSpot actions in this idea published in July 2018


this is what we had in ZendeskCaptura de Pantalla 2019-10-04 a la(s) 11.37.33 a. m..png

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Yes please! - This feature is very important to our customers and the follow up - as just having emails sitting in their inbox to track what items they have submitted to us - is not a great customer experience. We are in the process of moving from Freshdesk to Hubspot tickets and this was one of the items that was missing - adding this feature will be a game changer!

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Can ideas in the forum be merged? I see this as a rather similar request with another 18 votes : )

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I think so.
The two issues are solved at the same time. We can join them.

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I would like to also comment that having a end-user facing support inbox is paramount to my support operations. I am in the process of migrating from ZenDesk to Service Hub as my company has consildated sales and maketing ops into HubSpot. We are unable to move forward with our part of the migration, as we cannot risk a reduction in service provided to our current clients. They use and expect to have a support hub/inbox to view of all tickets they have and their organization have submitted. 


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Sam McCullough

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Agree 100%


Dear HubSpot team,

would yo be able to provide some color on this high level item?

Consideration Yes/ No? , Already spec-ed out? In plan? ETA?


Thank you.

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Recently opened a ticket on this. Standard functionality in Zendesk. Our customers are asking for visibility in their outstanding tickets. 

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Good Idea.

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Totally needed.......A massive surprise to us that is isn't built into memberships within the knowledge base.  Coming from Zendesk our customers will lose service functions if we adopt HS Tickets.

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When tickets are registered, allow customers the chance to see their ticket 'thread' (of live chats, emails etc.) in a portal, much like Hubspot have.

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I also need this. 

Allow customers to track ticket history

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Upvoting this idea, our customers are also asking for the ability to view and track their tickets.

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Yes, this is essential for our business as our customer base grows.

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I could really use this feature as well.  Thanks.

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I find it so difficult to believe that a client can't view at least their own ticket directly, even if not a full "dashboard" view for all of their tickets. I too am moving over from Zendesk and finding there is a lot missing. 

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This is a must. Zendesk does this so nicely. If you want to use hubspot as a help desk you cant right now. 

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Dear Hubspot team, 

would you be able to provide and kind of feedback when this enhancement would be available.

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If we can provide a support inbox feature to our customers, it would be great if our customers can provide this to their clients as well! It'll help to integrate the service tools like the support form and ticket automation, and allow our customers to manage all their service offerings in HubSpot. 

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100%, This feels like a no-brainer and a surprising feature to overlook when Hubspot themselves have it (along with many other support tools).