Customer portal for Tickets


Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc.


Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.

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Status updated to: In Beta
Oct 6, 2021

Hi all! We now have a customer portal feature in public beta for Service Hub Professional and Enterprise customers. Thank you so much for all of your feedback to date; we appreciate it so much! 


We will be expanding the beta over the coming weeks and months. For those who would like access:

  • If you have already DM'ed me for access to this beta: I have made a note of your details and will add this feature to your account in the coming weeks, if it is not already there! 
  • If you have not already contacted me or your CSM about this feature: Please submit this form with your details. There will be a delay to get access, but the feature will be in your account in the coming weeks.

You can find setup instructions in this KB article, as well as this Academy lesson

By accessing our beta, you agree to the HubSpot Beta Terms.

Aug 6, 2021

Hi folks! Please DM me with your portal ID and email address if you are interested in participating in the beta. Thanks!

Mar 18, 2021

@FAvédian & @mikloso happy to take down your details for the beta. Would you pleasee send me a direct message with your email and HubSpot portal ID? Thanks!

Jan 22, 2021

@AnastasiaGH sure! If you personal message me your email and Hub ID, I'd be happy to take note of it.

Status updated to: In Planning
Jan 20, 2021

Hi all! Thank you so much for the feedback and for your patience. I'm updating the status of this idea to "In planning."


We plan to have a beta open up later this year, and I will be sure to post additional updates here as the timeline becomes more clear.

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
Apr 22, 2020

We are currently reviewing bringing this feature to Service Hub and will update this post when more information is available

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that's a shame you're not making this available for the lower tiers!  This is one of the best ways to get companies moving away from places like freshdesk! 


I agree with @BKing7  I logged this suggestion over a year ago, now can't get acccess to the trial because i'm a lower tiered customer! Seems a little unfair to use low level customers 😞 

Maybe time to look at alternatives like Engagebay




@Tomold that's an interesting suggestion!  We'll have a look at engagebay as well;  not cost effective to go to higher tear for this.