Customer portal for Tickets


Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc.


Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.

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Mar 18, 2021

@FAvédian & @mikloso happy to take down your details for the beta. Would you pleasee send me a direct message with your email and HubSpot portal ID? Thanks!

Jan 22, 2021

@AnastasiaGH sure! If you personal message me your email and Hub ID, I'd be happy to take note of it.

Status updated to: In Planning
Jan 20, 2021

Hi all! Thank you so much for the feedback and for your patience. I'm updating the status of this idea to "In planning."


We plan to have a beta open up later this year, and I will be sure to post additional updates here as the timeline becomes more clear.

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
Apr 22, 2020

We are currently reviewing bringing this feature to Service Hub and will update this post when more information is available

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This was originally created in 2018 and there's still talk of a beta testing environment?


Do we have any insight into the progress of this and maybe some kind of ETA? The inability for customers to view their own cases seems weird? 


This has existed as a function for years in other products?


As a HS customer myself, I would agree. Let's look forward to the beta this year.

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Hi @tilly 

I'd love to be part of this beta

for portals 1231510, 8900621 , 2661875

Thanks 😊


Hello! Are there any news regarding this feature?


yes, It's so important now customers can see their previous chats we want to customers can see their previous email/ticket too.


Following up with this to see if there is any updated release date for this feature?


We would love to see this and share it with our customers! If there is a sounding board for inputs or BETA, please let me know 🙂

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Would also love to have this functionality build in rather than going to Freshdesk or Zendesk. 


@AdamSand - Right now I'm using the tool - it's a little rudimentary, but it does the job and is free for up to 5 user counts (and tbh, it doesn't cost much when you go over either).


Thanks @MoAhmed that looks cool.. It doesnt seem to be accepting my google token tho so cant get it running atm. Will get in touch with them.