Customer portal for Tickets

Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc.


Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.

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 Yes please!

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YES, please!!!



Provide a customer facing support inbox like you offer to Hubspot customers based on email domain of contact records; this also needs user accounts or SSO integration for each contact record.


So that our customers can see their Tickets we manage in Hubspot Service Hub. Zendesk offers this too.



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I have been talking the same issue with support. VERY VERY URGENT

It's a very lack of functionality. We were using ZENDESK, but it's the same in ZOHO CRM or any other support software

I'll post a reply here with some details

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El portal podría ser algo similar a lo que internamente tiene HUBSPOT con todos nosotros. De forma que se pueda redirigir a la gente a abrir un ticket por FORMULARIO o en su portal o bandeja de entrada de tickets.

The portal could be something similar to what HUBSPOT internally has with all of us. So that you can redirect people to open a ticket by FORM or in your portal or ticket receipt tray.


La funcionalidad es muy importante porque ahora las respuestas quedan desperdigadas. Sólo tenemos la opción de llamar por teléfono o enviar un email, pero el usuario no tienen una visión conjunta de su TICKET.

The functionality is very important because now the answers are scattered. We only have the option of calling by phone or sending an email, but the user does not have a joint vision of his TICKET.


HubSpot lo denomina “Ver tu bandeja de entrada de asistencia técnica” que da acceso justo a lo que debería tener cada portal de cliente. 

HubSpot calls it "View your technical support inbox" which gives you just access to what each customer portal should have.


Tickets Portal LinkTickets Portal LinkTickets PortalTickets Portal


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Agreed, we too are using Zendesk, and are in the process of moving into Hubspot Service.  This is a valuable feature that provides clients with the ability to see, so that they do not have to contact us to receive a status, etc.  

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It would definitely be nice if we had this feature. Some way for them to track a ticket, and its status. I am not sure if we need the full inbox style view, but a way to click a link and see the current thread and status would be helpful. As would being able to query it in a bot for authenticated users.

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A simple web form with an ability to see currently submitted tickets, their status, and an ability to post replies on individual tickets would be fantastic.

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PLEASE make this possible, this is the only thing that gave me pause while I'm considering service platforms.

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This is crucial.


I can't believe we don't have that yet.

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Yes, this is an important feature for Service Hub, provided by other helpdesk softwares such as Zendesk or Freshdesk.

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When we've been checking Hubspot, we were sure that we will get the exact same tool for customer service as Hubspot offers to their own clients.


Hope this can be implemented soon 🙂 

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Yes, please! 


We love Service Hub but we find this to be a very frustrating omission from the feature set. Keen to see this incorporated as part of the Pro package (if not Starter). 

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Yes, please. We love Service Hub but this feels like a crucial missing feature. 

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I agree with all of the above! 

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Agree. This isn't really a proper ticketing system without some way for clients to interact with the ticket once they have submitted it.

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YES!  Service Hub really needs to replicate the system that HubSpot support use themselves.  Need the widget they use and the automated ticket updates, option to select callbacks, livechat etc.  Currently the Service Hub is mediocre at best.

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Our company just started using Hubspot and I was very surprised that this feature is currently not available. Hopefully it is in the pipeline and not too far away 

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Not to far away? I hope so... Do you have any info?

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@cbragado I have no info......all I have is hope.