Customer portal for Tickets


Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc.


Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.

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@jholyoak@crush , @gmounier   - well stated!



Will you provide a Product Roadmap update to the people in this thread, waiting for you to release a Service Ticket - Contact/Company Portal.

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Honestly @ECMAdvisor at this point I doubt that it is going to be implemented. Which seems to be the point that @jholyoak was making. I am just thankful I discovered this major flaw before I decided to switch to Hubspot for the whole customer service team. As a general rule, if your own team needed to design something custom and couldn't use what was provided, why would it make sense for you to ask your own customers to use the rejected product. 


We have decided to remain with Zendesk and are in fact moving additional business over to them. I let our account manager at hubspot know that this was one of the biggest factors in our decision. 


And it is especially disappointing when a joke post like is listed as "in planning" and we can't get hubspot to even pay attention to a basic minimum requirment for a funcunting customer service team. 

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Hi All,


I've replied to a different thread on this topic, but I'm curious as to what solutions you've come up with?


Unfortunately, we've already moved platforms and are essentially "stuck" with Service Hub's inability to provide self service ticket viewing. Our largest customers are complaining on a regular basis to the point it has become a rather large issue, one that may have larger consequences.  I'd like to see what options (cost effective) are out there that we could take advantage of, rather than have to choose between this platform and keeping our largest customers happy.



We've had discussions with HS Dev and while the road map is nice to hear, it won't provide a solution that we desperately  need today. It doesn't sound like anything will be coming any time soon for our needs.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Same happened to me. I got a refund and they stopped subscription. I think service hub is misleading its really task mgmt and workflow tasks it isn't a comparison to zendesk. Which we had to go back too. That aside I love hubspot I just want this feature... 

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We have been in the Growth Suite last year. And we have had one client en Service PRO. With the lack of functionality and the poor concept for managing tasks, we have lost the client. And for our agency, we have cut off the subscription on Service Hub. 


We have seen in the product update meeting, a new integration with Jira announced. ( So we don`t expect any movement to provide this functionality. Bad news!


In these days of COVID-19 it's a must. We need better functionality for task management. 


  • TeamWork has provided CRM + Task + Spaces (for documenting projects)
  • JIRA is a winner with Jira Soft + Jira Confluence + Jira Desk
  • Zendesk the same.


Even for the only purpose of task management, we have been seeing clients using Asana, or any other task management software instead of the core functionality of HubSpot.


We strongly need improvements in these areas: Task and Client Portal for Tickets


(Sorry for my English... Spanish native here 😉

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Dear all -

We are also a HubSpot customer waiting for this self-service ticket portal for our clients.

They are getting increasingly frustrated with us due to the missing transaparency on their tickets.

We condsier this a basic functionality to efficiently manage open tickets and our own client support.


Dear HubSpot team and HubSpot management,

As you can see this topic seems to be one of the few high profile items (negative) of your client base.

Would you mind providing any kind of feedback and insight into why this cannnot be enabled for our own clients?

What are the roadbloack, or the planned alternatives and what timelines could yo provide to us.


Thank you for your support!


Best regards,


Vidrio Financial


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We have resigned from Service Hub as in general it was hard to use, mainly due to treating our service emails as marketing emails. If our customer opted out from the newsletter it was hard to send him a reply for the query raised by bot.


Our marketing team uses Hubspot, for the Customer Service team we went instead for Freshdesk and I really recommend it for the ticketing system (and now I'm missing the proper integration between the two ;)).

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We are a SAAS company and need the ability to support our customers through a support portal. This means that our users should be able to:

  1. open a portal that will allow them to navigate to ticketing, knowledgebase, announcements and community forum functionality directly from within our application.
  2. From an authentication perspective, when a user clicks on a 'Help' link in our software we should be able to SSO them into their respecitve Hubspot portal (using JWT or a similar authentication method). Note this authentication method should not interfere with the end-user. The reason the end-user should not need to take action to authenticate is because we have already authenticated them into our application and can pass that knowledge onto Hubspot.
  3. After that, they should land on a page that will allow them to navigate to their tickets, knowledgebase, announcements and community posts.
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Status update? 

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Agreed. If Hubspot does do this now (providing clients access to their data on the Service Hub) what external service is best to integrate now? I could not find something in the app marketplace. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.

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@jessewashere - no new update from HubSpot on this end. We are currently exploring use of the available API calls to work towards creating the view on our own. I will report out on our success at doing so as we move forward.

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@jholyoakI'd be interested to hear about your progress as we investigated the API for pulling ticket details. Unfortunately, unlike other API's, it polls the entire object, you cannot query individual tickets. We've seen on average an ~11-minute timeframe to run just one API call (we have over 11K tickets). Without being able to query (ie contact or company) for tickets this is just not workable.


I'm very interested to see where you get with this.



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if you transpose what you do in your own support, then you will become killers compared to other Zendesk and Cies ...

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

We are currently reviewing bringing this feature to Service Hub and will update this post when more information is available

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Thank you HubSpot. That's fantastic news. By when do you expect the review to be completed?

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@goconnor thank you for the update. I am happy to see the change in status and look forward to hearing more details as efforts progress

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Thanks @goconnor 


Good news!!!

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looking forward to seeing this in the HUB!!!!

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@goconnor Great to hear, hopefully, it will be sooner than we think and will alleviate any concerns for sourcing elsewhere.





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Awesome news @goconnor! Can't wait to use this in HB.