Customer portal for Tickets

Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc.


Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.

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Hi Guys,


So I reached out to Hubspot and apparently it's on the roadmap for this year Q2,3 or 4 at the latest.



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@Jusbut99 thanks for your update.

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Thanks @Jusbut99 and @GS 

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Yes! Service Hub really needs this to be a contender in the market.

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We really need to have this feature so that customers can check their ticket status anytime.

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Seems like HubSpot could just open up the platform they use for their internal support system to HubSpot customers???

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Would be great to have this feature!

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Yes a must-have. Can Hubspot confirm the expected release date of this feature?

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It is very importante for my organization

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Is there any lead time on this? It's becoming very urgent for us and it's been a feature request for more than 9 months now...

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SpotHopper is waiting on this also... Can someone from HubSpot answer to all of us here?

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The response I got from HubSpot was: 

"Hi Tristan,

Thanks so much for speaking with me today, it was an absolute pleasure!

I reached out to my team internally regarding whether there is a tool in planning from the development team here which allows customers to see the status of a ticket submitted and they have confirmed with me that there isn't. I totally understand the usage of a tool like this. As a potential workaround, I know my colleague Matt already mentioned it to you but you could set up automatic emails that are sent out when the ticket stage changes.

I understand that this is not the answer you were hoping for but I hope this information helps you out nonetheless. Please let me know if I can clarify anything on the above.



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Wierd I got a completely contradicting answer:/

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This is needed!

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Spy on me Hubspot doesn't have it. It is the basic tool of a ticket manager. Everyone else has (zendesk, zoho, feshdesk, octadesk, ...).

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We agree with all the comments and upvotes here. This is a fundamental tool and urgently needed

Thank you for closing the gap asap.

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This is something urgent, because our customers need to have a place to validate open, closed tickets, response times, etc.

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@Jusbut99  Could you share the answer you received from HubSpot?

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Hallo everybody,

we got the answer from HubSpot that there is no client portal at this moment. So we decided to build it up on our own. There are a few Problems you maybe will reach for. In this post I will describe our work and how we setted up a client portal.

1. The costumer should get a Username and a Password for login.

2. Login in User should see: all his Tickets, a summery of his contact and detailed information on each ticket.


1. To identify a Ticket you have the ticket ID, but this ID changes when you merge a ticket with another one.

2. The Client ID (Password / VID) is only given in the contact URL so when a Ticket is created you have to paste the VID once in a new property of the contact.


1. Build up an API request for The Contact (via e-mail and vid) if they are not matching refresh and show an error.

2. API get request for all linked Ticket ID`s (give them custom Names (because the ID may change))

3. List all This information on Client Portal.

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This would be very helpful for our organization.