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Customer portal at company level


Gathering tickets at a company level is a must have.

I mean if i have several customers part of the same company, they need to be able to see all the tickets.

Not only those created by themselves

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We are working around this by using Zapier to attach other contacts to each ticket based upon the company domain.


Problem is, if you automate any emails based on the tickets it sends them to all contacts on the ticket.


Hello !
I am interested to see you managed it through Zapier !

Thanks !


I have Customer Portal in Beta and like it - but not completely. Currently, our customers can only see their personal tickets, but I would like for them to see all the tickets that their colleagues at the same company have made with us.


Or even better, that we can set some key users/admins who can see all the tickets from their company, but others can only see their own.


Is this something that is possible in the foreseeable future?

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It is a Must Have


My customers are really pushing and requesting this feature !


Totally agree with EHooijer ! 

It's a must-have to be able to define some key users/admins who can see every tickets from all the users of their company, but that others can only see their own.

HubSpot Product Team

Thank you all so much for the feedback! We have a new "Ticket Permissions" option that allows end-users to see all tickets from their company in the customer portal -- not just their own tickets. You can read more about the new setting in this KB article. The "Ticket Permissions" setting is in public beta and should be accessible in all Service Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts.


Before: Customers logging into the portal would see any tickets that their corresponding contact record is associated with.

Now: Users in HubSpot can choose one of two options for their customer portal.

  • Keep the current setting, where customers logging into the portal would see any tickets that their corresponding contact record is associated with.
  • Choose the new option, where customers logging into the portal would see any tickets that their corresponding company record is associated with -- in addition to tickets that their corresponding contact record is associated with.

If you are looking for more granular control over which end-users get access to their company's tickets (i.e., specify an "admin" type of contact), please continue to leave feedback and details about your use case!  


Thank you for this update! It seems like a step in the right direction. I am reluctant to use it without more granular control because not all of our customers will benefit or appreciate the change to their CP interface.

Please consider an additional option to control this at the organizational level. Thank you.


Also - Will your team please consider adding a field that specifies what contact submitted the ticket? This would allow customer portal users to see (and filter) on tickets a particular user submitted at the portal level - in case they don't want too see "all" company tickets. 
Presently - we are using a custom ticket field called "Submitter" to specify what contact submitted a ticket. Currently, to get all company members associated to a ticket we have been manually (through import) updating each ticket submitted by a specific company contact to associate all company contacts to that one ticket. This has worked, however we lose visibility to who the original submitter was...and have been capturing that through the update of the custom ticket field called "submitter".