Customer feedback recipients - more enrollment options

Currently customer feedback surveys can only be enrolled to contacts based contact properties, company properties, deal properties, and ticket properties.


Please add the same options we have in workflows, e.g. list membership, form submission, Event, Workflow status, Import etc.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! 


Whilst this option is currently not possible within the customer feedback tool, I have received an interesting idea from another customer which you could use as a workaround to achieve your goal. 



Finally, in your customer feedback survey you could then choose this new custom property as your enrollment trigger in order to send to contact's who are a member of a certain list. 


I hope this workaround helps in the meantime ! Smiley Happy 



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Thanks Aebhín. Great idea. This will do it for now.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy to help @folked ! Smiley Happy