Customer Support Survey - more control, flexibility, options

Customer Support Survey


  • 1 survey
  • No control over content of survey (type, wording, measurement, etc...)
  • Recipients based on pipeline(s)
  • Event driven based on status change from  an open status to any closed status
  • No option to suppress

Future wishlist:

  • More criteria to define when to send or not send the survey
    • existing or customer property value
    • specific closed status i.e. Closed = send survey, Closed No Survey = don't send survey
    • multiple people open up a ticket for the same reason and we decide to close 5 tickets and merge them all into one, we need an option to send out 1 survey, not 5.
  • Options to change the type of question asked in the support survey from 😞 😐 🙂 to whatever we would like.  Providing an industry standard option for CES survey is great.  Forcing everyone to only use 1 survey is not great
  • Allow more than one CES survey.  Not all departments, pipelines, and tickets are the same.  A technical support bug ticket and a customer service billing issue ticket are not the same thing.  An internally generated ticket that is requires an outbound contact to the customer vs. a customer intiated inbound ticket to the same group are not the same things.