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Customer Support Survey - more control, flexibility, options

Customer Support Survey


  • 1 survey
  • No control over content of survey (type, wording, measurement, etc...)
  • Recipients based on pipeline(s)
  • Event driven based on status change from  an open status to any closed status
  • No option to suppress

Future wishlist:

  • More criteria to define when to send or not send the survey
    • existing or customer property value
    • specific closed status i.e. Closed = send survey, Closed No Survey = don't send survey
    • multiple people open up a ticket for the same reason and we decide to close 5 tickets and merge them all into one, we need an option to send out 1 survey, not 5.
  • Options to change the type of question asked in the support survey from 😞 😐 🙂 to whatever we would like.  Providing an industry standard option for CES survey is great.  Forcing everyone to only use 1 survey is not great
  • Allow more than one CES survey.  Not all departments, pipelines, and tickets are the same.  A technical support bug ticket and a customer service billing issue ticket are not the same thing.  An internally generated ticket that is requires an outbound contact to the customer vs. a customer intiated inbound ticket to the same group are not the same things. 
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This please!


I thought the beta custom feedback surveys would resolve our issues but they do not sadly. Custom feedback surveys have reinrollment isues. It would also be great if the CES could be sent at a specific pipeline stage. For instance, we have a "Pending review" at this point it would send a review and if the survey is completed then the ticket would be moved on to either the "Client satisfied" stage or "client unsatisfied" stage based on their feedback. Unenrollment for this automation would be triggered if we manually move the ticket to either stage (if we got feedback though another medium).


Having the body and question of the CES survey be the same for everyone doesn't make much sense. We arent comparing responses between businesses, we're getting feedback for internal use.  The question itself does not fit well with our model at all either.


The original posts other ideas are also excellent and I second them all. If I've made a mistake and the things I'm describing are possible then my mistake, but I have been on the phone with support several times with no resolution.



Especially the fact that we are not permitted to customize the body and question of the CES turns this survey from an interesting solution to get feedback from cutsomers into no solution at all.


Agree. In particular, I'd like to see:

    • specific closed status i.e. Closed = send survey, Closed No Survey = don't send survey

The functionality to close tickets and be able to configure which tickets trigger a survey would be incredibly useful for our team.


We oftentimes have customer's reply to our last communication after a ticket has been closed and their issue resolved.  This reopens the ticket and will send a second survey when closed again.   Their final communication is oftentimes just a Thank you, which requires no further action on our part.


We don't want our survey's to become spam and would like the option to limit the number of times a survey is sent for a ticket to be 1.


Would be very keen to see this. 

Ideally would like to be able to embed more custom questions into an email rather than have to use a survey link. 

Alternatively having the option to change the CES/NPS question would be great. 


This means we are better placed to get more responses but have control over the questions. 


We definitely need more customization. I'd love the ability to customize the question on the NPS survey. The way it currently reads is a bit clunky, and would be better written as, "On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague?"


Hi! Great suggestions in this idea - hope to see some movement on the customization possibilities for the standard surveys.  Adding our use case:


Our customer support teams handle tickets raised by customers, in addition to inquiries from suppliers/partners.  We would rather not send a CES survey to suppliers or partners given that they have a different relationship to our company, but their tickets should still be handled through our support channel (therefore routing supplier/partner tickets to an own pipeline is not an option).  It would be great if we could exclude certain domains from receiving the surveys.  I know this is possible with a custom survey, but then we lose some of the benefits of the standard surveys - such as data in the ticket properties "Last CES survey date/rating/comment".