HubSpot Ideas


Customer Satisfaction "Button" in the mail/binder

I would love to see a feature where the customer can leave a very simple and low-threshold feedback in an email communication without clicking on an extra link. Preferably in the form of buttons (e.g. smileys), which are integrated directly in the mail in the binder. This way, the customer can leave the client an overall impression of whether he was satisfied with the customer service at that point in time - preferably with three or five levels or freely configurable. 


The current solution that Hubspot offers (customer loyalty surveys), of course, absolutely has a "raison d'être", but is not optimal for this particular use case. It is not about a detailed evaluation of the overall process, but rather an evaluation of whether the customer was satisfied with the initial contact / dispatching. I believe that many customers would rather go this way than click on a link and fill out a survey in this stressful and fast-paced time. 🙂