Customer Pricing


The ability to create rate cards/customer pricing for each customer. This would be helpful as we write so many quotes and have to add discount levels each time we quote and these are different for every customer. The only way around this currently is to add products multiple times with the different prices and that's just not possible. 


Essentially, discounts for customers to make quoting easier

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Agreed. Having a clean way to show percentage rates for recurring services or revenue would be INCREDIBLY helpful. Right now we use properties on the deal like, "Processing Fee" and the rep updates this to something like 0.25%. We have signing bonuses, where the rep selects "$150 Rebate" in the deal property.


We could add this as a product/line item, but it would have to be adjusted everytime by the rep, and wouldn't accurately reflect potential revenue, etc, since those properties only look at numerical values and not percentages.


This means our reporting for half of a customer's fees are in deal and half are in line items.

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Yes, being able to create specific pricing "tariffs" would be a big win. We're about to start selling at what will hopefully be scale through a distributor and while our invoicing software obviously supports tariffs, Hubspot unfortunately doesn't. Which means duplicate items need to be created unfortunately.