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Customer Acquisition Cost Report

There is currently no way, not even a standard report, to calculate Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in HubSpot. This is a marketing and sales metric 101. CAC should be a standard report, especially when one considers HubSpot is, for many organizations, the single source of truth for all marketing and sales activity. Logically, one would then expect an organization could conduct all reporting in HubSpot as well. We need this report to make informed business decisions. Please add customer acquisition cost (CAC) to the standard library of reports.

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Yes we have clients that need COCA too



I totally agree! CAC is a very important metric that should be available as a dashboard in HubSpot.


+1, this is a must request.

Is there any easy workaround to track CAC in Hubspot Reportscurrently please?


I am more interested to know why there is NOT a metric/property for CAC in Hubspot? 

Also why users can apply custom calculations? We have the Ad Spent number and You have Deal Flow Stage that alteast with manual calculation you can find the Blended CAC!