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Custome made Analytics in Dashboard

 At the moment it is not possible to get everything from the traffic analytics page in one report. So for example, you can't get the total web traffic by source in the dashboard. It would be great to have and to be able to customemade the analytics report in dashboard to get the view that suits you.

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completely agree!


We set goals for our impressions, website traffic, and MQLs. Currently I have to keep track of our progress throughout the year in an excel. Would be so much nicer to do this on a dasboard. Would need to be able to make goals for these items and also would need to be abel to customize the traffic / AD reports and save them to dashboards.


Here is a sample of the charts I create in my excel that I would want to have in the dashboard:




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I would like to be able to build a custom report from Web Sessions where I can filter down to just one channel. That way I can pull it into Channel-specifid dashboards we have, and see the sessions driven by that channel. Haven't found a way to do that yet, though Hubspot clearly has the data and filter it on the web  traffic report, but I haven't found the ability to do that in a custom report.