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Like, contacts, deals and companies, it would be great if you could add custom user profile properties. There are times when you might want to include an owner token within an email, like a phone number, title or some other property that's outside the signature. Even though there is a phone number field on the user profile, you can't use it as a token within an email.

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It's puzzling to me that the Sales/CRM side of Hubspot didn't either (1) include a lot of obvious fields (office, address, title, multiple phone numbers, etc.) for us to use as tokens or (2) include the ability to add custom fields as noted here. I understand that it's not a required feature on the marketing side, since you rarely personalize on the sender there, but on the sales side, it's absolutely a must that emails personalize on the sales person or account manager and that we can customize how/where this happens. The Sales side of Hubspot just can't be taken seriously before basic features like this are implemented (to be fair, there is a lot to like already, but it's incomplete).


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It would help me know if there is a deal with the associated company right from that contacts profile.  


--->When looking at a company profile you can see all it's associated contacts, I would really like to see that same thing when I look at a contacts profile, so I can click on "Associated company contacts"  to make sure some other employee hasn't been reached out to yet or has striked a deal with us.

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I've seen that this is possible within HubSpot if you are using Salesforce CRM. It makes no sense to me why this isn't available through the HubSpot CRM. Phone number is a property for HubSpot owners (not in initial set-up, but in the profile settings) so the information is in the system.

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Custom owner tokens are a must have. 

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Definitely a must-have. It would be helpful to add a secondary phone like my mobile so I could use it as a token.

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@ndwilliams3 you get my support! I've been clamoring for this for a long time. I ended up hacking together a solution for a client using a workflow for each user. Not ideal! Now we just need a way to combine threads. 

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Using a workflow hack myself and agree it’s not ideal. I’m ready for this problem to go away. Let’s rally the troops!