Custom response message for API Action Hook Actions

Ability to send custom response message for API Action Hook Actions on crm extensions. Right now these action hook actions only provide the ability to show a default success or error message but it is often needed to pass more information to the user such as a specific message or link etc.


For example, you might have an extension on a deal record that shows details for a matching quote in some external quote system with an action button to tell the external quote system to convert the quote into an order. Currently, if they click the button you can perform the action and show a success message, but it would be better if the external API could return a custom message to hubspot. For example, 'Successfully converted to sales order <a href="">#12345</a>' so that the user can perform the action, hubspot shows the custom success message and the user can click on the link #12345 to view that sales order in the external system.

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