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Custom reports for Paid Campaigns

An option for creating custom reports for paid campaigns would be very helpful. Since the default Ad dashboard does not gives an option to generate a compiled  report.

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+1 to this!


We're trying to use HubSpot for as much reporting as possible, so the ability to customize Paid Ad Reports to pull in data from the network itself (Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, CPA, CVR, etc) and overlay it with how it influenced Contacts & Customer in HubSpot would be excellent!


+ 1 

Otherwise some reports can be done in Hubspot and others must be done with other tools... which make it not user-friendly at all 😞



I also really need this feature...

In the meanwhile, in order to track the ROI of my adwords and facebook ads, I have to make a daily export of all my contacts and import them to a Google Sheet where I can compile kpis: time consuming and quite unfriendly 😞


@hubspot Where are you with this? I saw this was on the roadmap at one point?