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Custom report using ads data



Would be really useful to have the option to create custom report to track ads campaign performance. Currently, the only option is to use the out-of-the-box ads (Marketing > Ads > Analyze). The problem with these standard reports is they provide little insights if we want to be more granular and look beyond the number of contacts generated, cost per contact, number of customers. 


Can we add to custom reports, the option to add campaign or ad cost, and ads campaigns as contact properties so we can effectively measure the ROAS?





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Hi, creating custom reports for ads would be also critical for us. The default ads dashboard is ok, but we need more flexibility in reporting & visualizing the data (eg. visualizing campaign performance over time)

Best would be if all the ads data would be available in reporting similar to activity reports. We need to be able to slice and dice it with filters and add it to dashboards


I agree. This is also a feature that would be highly valuable for us. 


It is actually a bit odd, that you can't use the data for ads and campaigns, since HubSpot is using it for their own reports. 


It would be great if the data was available for internal use to create marketing reports for the dashboard. 


And also if it was possible to edit HubSpot's own reports. 

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Yes. Please.
The ease of reports and dashboards is great, but if we're gonna use HubSpot as the "hub", we need to pull in more campaign metrics. I'd love to build a table or chart with:

  • Impressions
  • Spend
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Cost per acquisition
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Yes please!

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I 100% agree with everyone's response. The ads dashboard that we pay extra for is rather flawed in reporting the true amount of leads and contacts related to paid channels. Because of this limitation, we have to build out specialized reports like the one listed below that provide our clients with a true view of how ads are really performing. It includes things like calls from ads. If we were to simply use the report provided in HubSpot's ad dashboard, we would literally be fired by our clients because it continuously and significantly under-estimates the leads generated by Google ads. As a result, we have to build our own report by creating segmented list built with criteria like the image below. Unfortunately, the custom report tool is extremely limited as well. For instance, you cannot show the amount spent on Google Ads in a custom report. Remember, we are talking advertising here, so the amount of dollars spent is extremely important. There has to be a way where HubSpot can allow us the capability of building more customized reports with data like amount spent. 







Please make this happen! The data is there and it would be really helpfull to be able to use it instead of using another tool for the basic repporting

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It can be very useful for us !

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PLEASE, cmon this should be standard. 


Why is this not standard?  It just makes so much sense!



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This should be in here 🙂


I agree! There really needs to be a bridge between the data in the ads reporting dashboard over in custom reports. The ads reporting dashboard is limited in data and not connected to all my custom data in custom reports. Is there any way those metrics in ads reporting dashboard can be available in custom reports? 


Following on this on Custom Report! Thanks!  

  • Impressions
  • Spend
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Cost per acquisition

Anyone have any luck getting this to work?


I'd like a custom report with rows for Ad Network or Ad Campaign name.

Then columns for Ad Cost, Clicks, and a custom Contact ROI property I have for when contacts become a customer (which reflects their spend).




Yes we would really like this as well! We're not an agency but as a marketing manager, internally I also need to clarify the ad costs and currently there is no way to do so in Hubspot because it doesnt allow us to build a custom report that includes both ad spend and all the contacts that were created from ads (like Blink_Jared describes above, we miss contacts that phone us or send us a direct email after viewing an ad). Please allow us to use ad spend in custom reports. 


Another enthusiastic vote for this, I cannot believe it's not standard in the custom reports tool. Please give us access to these metrics!! Amount Spent, Impressions, etc. would be such a huge value-add.

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Great idea, this would easy our problem alot with reporting for ex how much each leads cost. ATM it looks like its superexpensive cause it gets mixed with other ads like branding etc


I'm like, kind of shook that this isn't any feature in Hubspot. I've been running rough-and-ready Google Data Studio custom dashboards for reporting this year and was so pumped when we decided to sign-up for HubSpot Pro in 2022 -- no custom reporting for ads is about the most depressing missing feature I could possibly imagine walking into onboarding in January...


Another vote for this, basic functionality missing and as a platform that markets itself as aimed at marketeers I can't believe this doesn't exist!


So I was just building a Dashboard with the idea to use it as a hub for all the marketing data we have. 

I just took it for granted that you can analyze ads data at a more granular level or modify existing reports on ads data. 

Finding out that it wasn't even possible was a huge bummer.