Custom redirects (like Pardot)

Hi - Pardot had a way to create custom redirect links/urls so you wouldn't have to clone landing pages or form (create new assets), rather track the links for activity and tracking purposes. Can HubSpot "clone" this feature?

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I completely agree. I asked about this before I became a customer and was told that we didn't need custom redirects because if posts are scheduled through the social platform, tracking would automatically be included.


Now I am trying to find this history on contact profiles that I know clicked on posts scheduled through HubSpot and see nothing. I'm extremely disappointed!

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Totally upvote this. Pardot's custom redirects were amazing for attribution, especially co-marketing with other companies. For instance, when we'd run webinars with a partner and the signup was on their landing page, it allowed us to better track registrations and who drove each lead. It also helps when using a 3rd party landing page tool like Splash where again, we can't use UTMs.

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Following this topic as we would like this functionality in HubSpot as well.

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Pardot makes it really simple and easy.  They call them "Custom Redirects".  It's a bummer to learn that HubSpot doesn't have this.