Custom properties for Tasks


We want to use "Tasks" more intensively to register and measure all marketing and sales activities.

But we cannot create a user-defined Property - please make this available.

It should also be possible to see "Tasks" on the contact card on the right together with Deals, Tickets and other info.

In Calls you are using "Type" and "Outcome"  which is something that could be used but not only on calls but on all activities / tasks

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+1 to this. We use the Task functionality very intensively to automate outreach from our Account Management team when things are going awry with a customer from a data perspective & for ALL of our Marketing leads.

The workflows work great for setting up tasks to be reported on based on the title (we just use some pretty standard "A-Lead", "B-Lead", "NPS Follow-up", etc. for those. However, there are so many additional benefits added to having a customized outcome on these (i.e. "Junk Lead", "Converted", "No response", "Data error"). It would be awesome if we could start to customize these similar to how we can on calls & meetings!


+1. This is important - there's no options to customize the tasks and so we can't use them in our workflow.


We currently have a task called "email bounced-find new email for contact". Sometimes the sales rep will update the email, sometimes they will find a new contact and other times they will do nothing because we already have other contacts for that company. It would be nice to be able to create custom fields in the task, to select an outcome or what they ended up doing, so I can trigger workflows based on that, instead of having to read the notes for each one.


Customization of tasks is very neccessary. Please work on adding this feature


Our organization would like to add more task types/customize them. Our original CRM had a lot more categories to choose from, so we were hoping to add more options here as well, as it makes our tasks a lot more detailed and precise. 


Our company would like to be able to add additional custom task types so we can categorise our to-do lists. Then we would be able to filter our tasks by those categories which would make them easier to manage. 


+1, I'm working on inbound and outbound.
Both have a different approach. My inbound and outbound tasks are all on the same list and want to start using queues.

It would be really helpful if we can filter on tasks and original source of contact.

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Yes Please! Loads of questions from clients about this.

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This is an essential element for one of my client who needs to be able to prioritse/sort their task lists based on metrics other than those currently available. 


I'd like to add "Time Zone" so the reps can prioritize which calls to make first since we're based on the West Coast. Please add customer fields for tasks


We also want to customize the column with our own specs. For example i want to sort the tasks with the customize field city or brand. 




I would like to be able to add an "Effort" column to allow staff to manually enter the hours spent on this task so far.

Either customisable field on tasks like this thread or simple just add the field to the form


+1. Tasks really need to be used as an object rather than an engagement

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This is waaaaaaaaaay overdue.  Keep upvoting this idea!

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+1. This simple feature would have a major impact on our internal workflows but also on our clients'.  

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+1 this idea

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+1 for this. The current task object is very limited. 


Seems like this has been heavily requested for over 1.5 years. Does anyone know what we have to do to get Hubspot to listen?