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Custom product properties on Quotes

It seems strange that I'm able to create custom properties on Products (like notes, comment, is optional selection, serial number) but they can't be used/pulled into Quotes. I don't think any functionality will change when we sync our product library with our ERP unfortunately. 

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For our invoices we need to display the 

'Address' of the contact on the invoice/quote

+ the custom property 'VAT-number' of that client.


At the moment it's not possible to add a custom property and as a consequence to display the VAT-number of our clients on the quote, and therefor we can't use the quotes-system of Hubspot.


It would be awesome if it became a possibility to add a custom property to a quote.

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I think that a necessary features is "Insert VAT Number" in quotes. 


For example, in Italy if you want to present a financing project, you should attach the estimates in your name with company data and VAT number. 



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I definitely need custom product properties that are displayed in the quote function as well.  This is definitely a fail when it comes to an actual physical product and not just a SaaS company.  We need something like this!


Yes please, we require to add the VAT number to Quotes - this is essential - please add asap.


Agreed - please prioritize this. Without it quote function is useless to us. 


I think this is just basic, VAT number. At least if you are operating globally, if not the deal can't have legal value. It is a pitty that I can't use this feature. Not worth it to move to professional for us now. 


It is silly that the product line item allows for a term start date, but the term start date isn't listed on the quote. 


Quote Auditing and Details are legally required for SOX complaince. Without the abilty to audit approval times, the flow of quotes, the lifecycle of them, and any and all touch points, we could be out of compliance. 

This is a must have ASAP. 


Agreed, it is curious to me that you can add custom properties but not make them visible on a quote. The custom properties are not very useful to us the way they are now.


For example, I'd like each quote to have a Quote number and I don't want it to be part of the name or description properties.


Echoing this request. I am looking to copy a property from a Deal to either a Quote or Product. Currently, this does not seem possible and our team has to re-enter the same information into a quote that already exists on a Deal.


I have multiple price points per product depending on the distribution chain (e.g. end user MSRP vs. Distributor vs. Reseller) and I'd like to create quote templates for each price point (custom property), but it seems this isn't supported. Let's just add the ability to add any product property to a quote - problem solved for everyone?

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We have clients currently in the Custom Quote Beta who are crying out for this functionality.  They have created custom product properties which are really required on the quote template and this may prevent them from using HS quotes.  I agree with the comments above that Custom Quote Templates are not very useful if you can't add custom properties.  


As a Custom Quote Beta user, this is a MUST for this BETA to be of any use! 

The whole idea of the Custome Quote builder is to add custom product fields to the quotes. 


This should be made a priority, and seems like there is already the functionality inbuilt if you look at the developer documentation of custom quotes.


Including custom company properties should be a basic functionality as official European finance documents require the VAT number of the company on quotes and invoices.

At the moment, we are using the street address line 2 as a workaround, but of course, this is absolutely not ideal.


Please make this a priority!


@hubspot Product Owners: 

Please make this a priority!



Yeah... there seems to be no reason to be able to create custom properties if they are not available on the quote template.  This may prevent us from using HubSpot quote as well.


When customizing a quote there is a element called Line items with some predefined properties to include in the quote.
Can't find any way to add other properties then the predefined ones, we need to add 'Product number' which is important information in our case.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, Tori here, the PM of our Quotes team. I’m excited to announce that custom product and default line item properties are now supported in our new Customized Quote Template tool. 


Users can add default line item properties and custom personalization tokens to rich text modules in a customized quote template. In the line item table module, users can adjust which default properties are shown, we are hoping to support custom properties in the line items module soon.

To learn more about Customized Quote Templates, click here.


Not being able to add custom properties from line items into the quote, means we can't use the quotes feature of HubSpot. Please add this feature.