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Custom page settings



I would love to add custom page settings for a template. This way, we can do a bunch of stuff based on the template you pick and also load the data in the <head> if needed.


For example, you could set "template colors", withouth the need of manually select colors within each module or build a second page template to load different colors.

Another example, if we build a custom template for "Job oppertunities", I would like to make a bunch of template settings for Structured data (json+ld) that I can load within the <head> of the website. This way, the structured data loads in the right place and can be manged on each page.

At this point of time, I have to create a module and load it in the Body, as I can not load a module with editable content per page in the head.

Example placement for the setting as a new tab when editing a page, or down low below the "advanced settings" section in the tab "Settings"



In the end, this would save bunch of time, the user a bunch of time editing pages and can also create tremendous value for SEO.


Sjardo Janssen
Bureau Vet