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Custom object pipelines need a funnel report

Currently you can create a custom pipeline for a custom object and view/change your stages via a board like deals. We should also be able to create funnel reports (such as default reports available for the deal board).


This would be extremely helpful. We use both deals and custom objects to track sales progress. Deals and our Custom Object have different stages, but are associated with each other. We'd like to see a conversion rate between custom object pipeline stages and currently there isn't a report that makes that possible.


This is the report type we need for custom object pipelines:



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I've been using custom objects for a few of my clients to manage life of a contract after the sales process. Seeing a funnel view would be fantastic. 


We use custom objects to represent product and have pipeline associated with product engagement level. It's nice to have the pipeline but being able to build a funnel report based on it is really needed.


We use custom object heavily. The lack of support towards things like funnel reports is pretty disapointing. Funnel reporting should be the absolute minuium provided for Custom Objects.  

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This is very much needed. I would definitely need all functionalities associated with a deal pipeline, without it being deals. So we can also manage which properties are required when moving a record from one stage to another

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Yes - Pipeline should replicate all features of normal pipelines


Yes please!