Custom fonts in Drag and Drop emails

When creating Drag and Drop emails, you can currently only choose between a selected few fonts. While custom fonts is possible in email templates, it is not currently possible in Drag and Drop emails.


As fonts are an important part of a brand and embedded fonts are gaining wide support in email clients, it would be very nice to have full control over fonts in drag and drop emails.


Simply put,  If we can have Lato, why can't we have other popular fonts, such as Open Sans. Indeed, why can't we simply have any we'd like?

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Totally agree! It's essential. 

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

+1! Looking for fonts like Noto Sans SC or Noto Sans KR or Noto Sans JCK

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Not sure how many votes would make HubSpot act upon it, 

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Same for us, we love to use Drag and drop but will be much better for consistency of the brand to use Railway font and Varela !

Thanks per advance for your help.


Joséphine from Wild Code School