Custom date field with hours/minutes

Hello, I use workflow to set date field using the "date of step" feature. Unfortunately, this only saves the date but not the exact time (hours and minutes) at which the step occurs. 

We need it to measure any delay occuring in the Sales processes.

For example, it's very annoying to not be able to measure the delay between the date and time a contact becomes a sales qualified lead and the date and time this contact has been contacted and is sorted out by the sales rep. This is just an example, but any custom delay we want to analyze in the CRM space is made impossible to measure due to this

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I'm bummed that this isn't getting more upvotes!  Any sales organization needs to be monitoring the average response time for it's sales reps.  And we can't implement that without this!  And it should not be a "big ask".  Hubspot already has built in fields that have both date and time - why not allow users to also user "Date & Time" fields?

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I'm bummed too. Looks like any high volume sales activity is none of Hubspot CRM priorities.