Custom branded URLs for Quotes

Hey Guys, 
Amazing work on the new Quotes feature!!! Wowzers inspector gadget stuff indead!! 

Could we please look at adding Custom URL's to the quotes section. So the ability to create a Primary Subdomain for quotes and while you're at it for meetings too? 

For me the example would be: 


both as primary domains? 

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Agreed... I don't need people seeing the hubspot domain in my quote links Smiley Happy

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I agree and would love this feature, as the current URL could be thought of as a spam email by our clients.

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Would love to see this option! Can set one of the domains for things like files and meetings, why can't I decide what my Quote URL will look like? ie: instead of

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I agree and would like the URL to change to have our company branding.



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Yeah so having the emailed quote coming from a custom domain such as sales@mydomain. com would be really great! 

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Already doable for meeting links. Would love the same thing for quote links.

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As a salesperson, I need to be able to share quotes with customers using links to our own domain so that our customer's can trust that the documents they are viewing are from our company.


As an enterprise SaaS company providing "backstage" tools for your B2B customers, it would seem in the best interest of HubSpot customers to provide the features that enable your customer organizations to create a cohesive experience for their customers across all aspects of the business development lifecycle.

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Occasional Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer

Would love to see this feature added. For security-focused businesses, especially, their clients will expect to see their domain reflected in the URL of a quote.

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Yes, totally agreed. It would be great if the quote's URL can be customized. 

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Almost a year form first ask, is any update for this.

We paid marketing for replacing Hubspot on the form, but still, show HubSpot name on quotation and document.

When can you do this change?



Heart yes, PLEASE 🙏🏻

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 We would like to create and connect a domain for branding purposes so quote links look like instead of This functionality exists for branding Meetings.


ps:  The new quotes are great. We would not roll out prior without a place for taxes, fees, quote terms and buyer instructions. Excellent design!

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this makes complete sense and a more UX driven outcome for our customers.

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100% agree with this!

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This definitely needs to happen soon.

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I would like this feature as well!

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This would be a great addition. Everything else is branded well. Would be nice to have quotes be part of that.


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🙏🏼 Absolutely essential
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Yes, please!