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Custom behaviour events workflows

With our business, we use the Custom behaviour events to track how users interact with our app. We have around 10 behaviour events that are live within our app, and each time a user completes a custom event, it will trigger a custom behaviour event. 




The Custom behaviour events work as we need them to, and it's great to have dashboards with how they're tracking, however, the custom behaviour events within the workflows aren't able to be customized enough. You would expect within the workflow to have If/Then - "If a user has used X behaviour event within the last 30-days....." - It looks to be that they may have had this with the old behaviour events, but not right now. 


In our businesses, all users who sign up have a Deal created and have Pipelines to show where customers are at, and if they're engaged with our app or not. This should be able to be automated from a workflow, but at the moment, we cannot do what we'd be able to do is we followed let's say URLs.


The idea is that, within this workflow you can see if a user has gone onto a URL within the last 30-days you would be able to automate something, we expect this functionality within custom events which I assume other businesses use to. 





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This would be so great - really disappointed that we can't already do this tbh... feels like basic behaviour!