Custom Ticket Properties- for each Pipeline



As our team has multiple support ticketing pipelines that apply to various divisions/products of our company, we have a variety of custom properties for each ticket. It would be great if we would be able to customize properties based on what Pipeline or even Team they apply to. 


For example, we have one inbox and ticket pipeline to manage direct customer support , and then we also have a pipelline to manage our internal product RMA process... Therefore, these properties would differ greatly and do not apply really to both pipelines as some relate to customer (such as company, products/services in use...), and the other properties relate specifically to our products (such as serial #s, manfacturing date...). 


Let me know- would be happy to send over mock ups on how to include this option/feature when creating properties. 

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I agree, we also use pipelines for different use cases and  need the properties displayed on the left to be relevant to that use case. We should be able to define properties per pipline in tickets.

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Totally agree! We have the same issue as we are going crazy over so many different pipelines