Custom Sorting Products in any way

Hi Everyone,


I needed a feature that would allow me to access the products from the product list based on a specific order. This would essentially allow me to follow a kind checklist.


Unfortunately, sorting can only happen in the quote stage after you select them. Here you can use the drag and drop.


But what if you need to see them in a specific order? Anyway found a workaround.


Create the products with all the specifications you require either on HubSpot or import them. Once you are satisfied check all the products you want (it might be easier to have them in folders) and export them to CSV.


Once you open the CSV file sort them in the order you want.


Now the interesting part. Change the timestamp of the item you want to feature last to be "oldest". After that amend the following product to be one hour younger and on and on. You can quickly do this in Excel by changing the first two cells and then dragging down.


Once ready save the file and import it back into HubSpot but ensure you use the update feature for products. This will match the unique product ID.


All you have to do is sort them by create date. And voila!! Now you will see them in the order you want.


For some odd reason, I was having trouble importing Cost of Goods sold when using XLSX so I recommend sticking to CSV

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Wow - thanks so much for this. Saved me a ton of time.    I could not figure out how they were sorting.  An even easier simplification is to just create your pricing table in excel and include a "create date" field like you suggest above.  Then once you have it in the order you want,  use the date 12/31/19 for the first entry, then just create a formula for subtracting 1 from the prior date.  Hubspot just wants to see the create dates are different since it sort the list by create date order.  

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Thank you...I appreciate the workaround.  However, I just want to put in my official suggestion that this should be something that is standard and simple to do from the Product Menu in set up.


We too follow an order of services and having them in the order we need them is a huge timesaver for our team.  Especially since we also cant currently copy or duplicate deals that carry over products.