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Custom Reports on Emails, Forms, and other objects

I'd like to propose the idea of adding more data objects to custom reports, OR to make the reports below available as Standard Reports (some already are, but without the filter options). Right now, I can only create custom reports on:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Activities
  • Products

I think it would be very useful to add:

  • Forms
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Workflows

I know that these last ones have some very basic reports inside their respective areas in Hubspot, but nothing of that can be put on a dashboard so that I can view it alongside other data - or compare it to other forms. That is really what I'm after. 


The case that inspired the idea: I am running a campaign around a series of events for some sales reps across the country. I'd like to give them, as well as other non-tech savvy stakeholders, some insight into how the campaign is processing. One graph I want to show them is the amount of registrations over time (i.e. the form submissions measured by submission date). 

I can't (and shouldn't) create this from the Contacts object, and it's a bit of insight I now can't provide on a dashboard either. I can imagine a host of other scenario's like this where I'd like to report on an asset's performance in the context of a bigger dashboard.


Some reports I'd expect to be able to make:


Form submission Report


  • Total form submissions
  • Form Submission rate
  • Unique form submissions
  • Form Submissions by Conversion Page
  • Unique form submission rate
  • Form abandonment rate ((Views - Submissions) / Views)


  • Form Submission Date Range
  • Which forms to report on


Email performance report


  • Total sends
  • Total deliveries
  • Total bounces
  • Bounceback rate
  • Total opens
  • Open rate
  • Unique opens
  • Unique open rate
  • Total clickthroughs
  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Unique clicks
  • Unique clickthrough rate
  • Click-to-open rate
  • Total unsubscribes
  • Unsubscribe Rate
  • Form submissions from Email
  • Form submission rate from Email
  • Unique Form submissions from Email


  • Email send date
  • Select the emails to include

Landing page performance report


  • Total sessions
  • Total page views
  • Total unique visitors
  • Total new visitors (cookie unknown)
  • Total form submissions


  • Date range
  • Select the landing pages to include
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Looks very important for a Marketing Tool !

Top Contributor

I would upvote this a 100 times if i could. Very badly needed to be able to see the info you want in one place. 


+1 from our side.

For our dashboards we would love to include forms and email data.


We need this functionality! Great idea and well thought out points. 


This is desperately needed


Very well thought out! These types of reports would be very beneficial to have on dashboards. Some reports even live elsewhere in HubSpot so if they could be added to a dashboard, it would be very helpful!


I would find these reports extremely helpful in determining how material needs to be optimized.


For sales and marketing alignement - this is a very important reporting feature. 


This is exactly what I need to be able to do.  We run regular webiars and I need to be able to report on where our registrations come from, A dashboard showing form-based metrics alongside some of the other things I've done to promote the webinar, e.g. sending email invites would be incredible useful. It would allow me to track performance over time and compare the success rate of different types of webinar content.  


Agree! At the very least to be able to create reports out the standard metrics thats allready in the analytics tool. Whats the status on this @hubspot ?

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Hi folks! 

I'm happy to report that the custom report builder is now in beta. You can use the custom report builder to report on form submissions, landing pages, marketing emails, video views, and more!


Please contact your HubSpot point of contact for beta access.




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After trying to use the custom reporting I think it's lacking alot of what the original poster is asking for. @JoeMayall Ideally these reports can pull in selective features that are not contact or company based or deal based but really report on the performance of the asset into a dashboard I think is some of the ideas shared in the original post. 


Being able to provide one located "dashboard" that upper management can easily review and understand is a huge aspect of marketing and sales and adding these areas as mentioned above in OP would help us immensly. 🙂 


The beta is alright for some things, but to @Melly2022 's point it still very  much lacks.


You still can't just create a simple email report like the default reports but for a specific group of emails. Literally only need a customizable version of the "Email Totals by Sent, Opened and Clicked" and "Email sent total engagement rates" but filterable to certain emails (i.e. name contains "XYZ email" OR "email a part of XYZ Workflow/Campaign/etc." As an example.

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Hey folks!

I'm happy to report the Custom Report Builder is now Delivered! With this tool, you can build cross-functional reports pulling in data from deals, contacts, companies, website and landing pages, tickets, ads, sales activites, video views, and more! You can learn more here:


A few points highlighted in the original post:

  • The best place to analyze form submissions is in the Form Analytics page (Analytics Tools > Forms)
  • Workflow analytics can be seen under the "performance" tab of each workflow. 

As with every HubSpot tool, we greatly appreciate feedback on how we can improve the Custom Report Builder, so please continue to leave feedback on this thread. 



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Hi Joe,


I noticed some of the requested features are in the custom report builder now, which is great. It's a step in the right direction. But I'm still missing some basic stuff that I feel is essential. To respond to:

"A few points highlighted in the original post:

  • The best place to analyze form submissions is in the Form Analytics page (Analytics Tools > Forms)
  • Workflow analytics can be seen under the "performance" tab of each workflow. "


I'm aware that I can find form and workflow reports in their respective sections of Hubspot, and the same goes for the email analytics in the Email section. But that's exactly the problem that prompted me to propose this idea in the first place. That's not where management is going to look. And the filtering options there are very limited. The whole point of a dashboard is to have a centralized place to host this kind of information, rather than have it scattered around the platform in various submenus.


What I'm currently still missing is the ability to create a single report that shows all (or as many as I want) of the common email metrics like sends, deliveries, opens, clickthroughs, bounces, unsubscribes. The perfect example of it is already in the Analyze menu of the Email section, right at the bottom:



Give me this, but as a custom report where I can filter the emails by name, campaign, email type, send date, etc. etc., and select which metrics I want to show (sends, opens, ctrs, etc.), and let me put it on a dashboard, and I'll be a happy man indeed 🙂

Right now the custom report builder is limited. I can only select one of the email metrics per report for some mysterious reason. This is very inconvenient, as you have to create a new report for every metric. If you also have to break down by some other metric, say Campaign, or country, you get a 'dashboard' that doesn't deserve to be called a dashboard because of all the clutter.


@JoeMayall  Im' completely with @Bob2245 on this one. It's a great step in the right direction but please also add the email analytics and especially the form analytics to the custom report builder. I hope you really consider this and don't stop developing this feature because it's flagged as delivered!

@JoeMayall is there a specific / better way to give feedback on how to improve this feature?


Saw this while drafting a post regarding the same request as @Bob2245 - it's great that we're able to see the number of submissions per contact in the builder but that doesn't provide much insight to the form relative to the contacts. I would love to see the names of the forms summarized per contact. Email and form analytics are super crucial when delivering a summarized report and since it already lives in other parts of the platform, would love to see some momentum on this request. 


@JoeMayall - if you think it'd be best to create a new post, I'd be happy to do that since this post has been flagged as 'delivered'.


I completely agree with @Bob2245 -- If we send emails to segmented contact lists, it would be so helpful to be able to create custom reports of email metrics to put on dashboards for our teams/management to see. However, I have found that if you go to Email > Analyze you can filter by campaign or email type and save a few of those reports to a dashboard (but not all of them).


10 months later and what @Bob2245 suggested is still impossible. why are we limited to only one email metric per report?  cc @JoeMayall 



Jumping in to add that we just launched a significant campaign and needed to have all information gathered into one dashboard for leadership reporting. It's a miss that we're unable to add based reporting that is included in different sections of the platform into a dashboard. Yes, that information is available somewhere, but why can't I view the traffic sources of my campaign landing page in the dashboard I created alongside our lead generation & email marketing data? And why does it take workarounds to get to that information? 

Reporting is crucial for proving success and providing everything in one location for leadership helps us streamline processes and show impact easily without going to multiple locations.