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I'm so excited that HubSpot enabled custom quote templates. This is huge for me and my clients. However, when it comes to quote-based workflows, custom quote templates cannot be enrolled. It would be amazing if we could enroll custom quote templates into workflows.


Regarding workarounds, it's also quite a bit limited in options because the quote-based workflow options only allows you to select the HubSpot standard quotes, so you can't use a "contains any of" workaround for custom quote templates.


This functionality is super important for companies that are building quotes/invoices for different sales processes that require triggering different automation per the process/pipeline/product/service.


I believe the only potential workaround is to use the Quote Title enrollment trigger, but that requires the end user to manually enter the proper quote title for each quote/invoice. With typos, human error, etc., it's a poor workaround imo. I would love to hear any suggestions from the community.

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Quick update: A better workaround to enroll a custom quote template into a workflow is to leverage the Quote's Terms or Comments To Buyer properties.


Step 1: Make sure the custom quote template includes at least one of those properties (Terms or Comments to Buyer)

Sep 2: Create a quote-based workflow with an enrollment trigger that includes one those properties (Terms or Comments to Buyer)

Step 3: Add "contains any of" filter and enter in a unique value

Step 4 (optional): Build a snippet that includes the unique value set in Step 3

Step 5: Add the unique value set in Step 3 into the quote/invoice Terms or Comments to Buyer fields when creating the quote/invoice