Custom Property Views Based on Team Membership


I noticed HubSpot recently introduced Teams. It would be really nice if you could create different default property views based on team membership. 


For example when Team A visits a contact profile, they might only need to see HubSpot Owner and Lead Status, where Team B might need to see a totally different set of properties. 


It's a pain to tell each person to individually customize their views. 

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Agree to everything above.  Even just having Sales and Support teams, the relevant properties are very different, and the current state means we have to individually reconfigure every support team member manually.  Really inefficient.

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This was introduced a couple of weeks ago.  But they've gone and made it a 'Sales Enterprise' feature only, which is absurd for such a simple, necessary feature.

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This would be really helpful! Especially if we were able to create differing views of which properties appear when users create new deals/contacts, etc. based on which team they belong to. This way since they will likely own the record, the values that this particular team needs will always be filled out without cluttering the creation view with tons of other unnecessary fields.


Hi All, 


Having the same issue here. I had assumed that my Business Development Executive had access to the properties I had set on leads, until he shared my screen with me and that seems not to be the case. 


A real shame as now I have to, as others have explained on here, screenshare with him and get him to pick the right properties. I dread having to go through this process with my next sales hire!


It has been years since this thread has started and there is a clear need for this functionality. I have not seen a response from Hubspot since the original post, which is a real shame. 

Hopefully more messages like this will bump this requirement up the roadmap list!

Good luck to anyone facing the same predicament!

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Hi all! I'm Jeff, from the CRM product team at HubSpot.


For anyone who might have missed it in the flurry of updates as part of the Sales Hub Enterprise launch, team-based property views for records is now available in the CRM! You can now customize the properties sidebar for different teams separately, meaning everyone can see what they need, and not what they don't. Refer to this article in the knowledge base for more information.