Custom Property Views Based on Team Membership

I noticed HubSpot recently introduced Teams. It would be really nice if you could create different default property views based on team membership. 


For example when Team A visits a contact profile, they might only need to see HubSpot Owner and Lead Status, where Team B might need to see a totally different set of properties. 


It's a pain to tell each person to individually customize their views. 

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I have to weigh in as well on this feature as well due to its importance. 


We are currently rolling out the Service Hub to a large group of various support elements for our company with unique needs for properties and process.


A team based layout control is a necessity for the growth of this product especially for larger companies that have more than one support group managing inquiries. 



Bump this one up! This would be a great feature so we can utilize across marketing, sales, account management, customer success teams. It's so difficult to get the team onboard when the properties they see first don't necessarily make sense to them. 



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We are also in the same boat and the poor copy on the Settings page made me think this was already a feature.Image 2019-04-05 at 3.03.48 PM.png

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I'd love to have opportunity to create acces to team members / users with access to varies properties. This will be really helpful!



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@mikeyrollins We had the exact same issue! We started to map it all out and then when we went to implement it, we realized it was just a poor choice of words.

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Yes, please!  We need this!  We actually have an enterprise account with multiple companies represented and it would be great to be able to change the default contact properties shown by team, since our different teams care about different properties. 


For example, our Container Sales division will need to see container size/type, condition, buy/rent etc., whereas our Freight Forwarder would need to know port of origin, port of destination, commodity, etc.  Being able to have different "views" of the contact properties in the CRM for our different teams would improve our productivity and make it easier/quicker to get to the info we need most. 

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Bumping this. Would be an excellent addition. 

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This would be amazing as we have so much confusion globally aroound people looking for the proepties that matter to them.

Also same sort of issue with the default Deal Creation view, as depending on the pipeline we want different types of data added.



Hi HubSpot,


I see this idea was initiated 24months ago, is there any update on when we could see this feature come to life? 


We've have multiple teams within our company and would really benifit from being able to customise the property view for each team.


I look forward to an update soon.


Many Thanks,

Oliver Simonsen

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Hubspot product team, I would love to see this feature implemented.

My company has two deal types:

  • Ad Sales
  • Publisher Development

Currently we show all properties to both members, but the Ad Sales team member should see different deal properties than the Publisher Development team member. 


Is there a workaround to change the default properties for each user depending on their team membership?

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I've been configuring Hubspot on the basis of the wording "customise the properties your team sees". I have now found out this doesn't actually mean Teams at all, and just means all users, and I've been making changes that affect all the other teams. This is very poor copy as been pointed out. To have the ability to customise views based on Hubspot Teams is very high on my list of requirements.

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I've brought this up to HubSpot numerous times. Have said this is a significant roadblock in our subscription. We have various departments with different needs. Some departments have already decided to use other services to handle their daily actions instead of HubSpot due to the lack of custoization. Its a shame... and this should absolutely be an option here. 

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Would liek this feature added.

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How is this not already in HubSpot! I feel like Hubspot has thought of almost everything but every once and a while we run into these roadblocks and are just floored they haven't thought this through. Most companies have many departments that have need of different information. It would be so helpful to have our teams interact with the pertinent fields and not have to wade through other teams settings. Which just makes it a hodge podge of needed un-needed fields on their screens.