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Custom Property Views Based on Team Membership

I noticed HubSpot recently introduced Teams. It would be really nice if you could create different default property views based on team membership. 


For example when Team A visits a contact profile, they might only need to see HubSpot Owner and Lead Status, where Team B might need to see a totally different set of properties. 


It's a pain to tell each person to individually customize their views. 

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We have the same situation. 


We would like to show our marketing, sales and customer success information about contacts and companies that is relevant to their daily activities. 

HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for the feedback @taylorfriss@ernopyykko I have passed your comments on directly to the product management teams responsible for developing this new future. 


Could you both provide some specific examples of how you organise your teams and what determines what they should / should not see on a contact record?

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Hey @roisinkirby,


Below you have a rough outline on how our teams are organised. 


As an example, sales would be shown on contact an company level anything that relates to contact details and qualification of contacts and companies towards deals/opportunities. We will set our own qualification fields for this. 


For customer success we would show fields which we use for sales to document plans and expectations the company has from the contract. Challenges they're facing and how our solution is supposed to address that. 


For marketing we want to show information of how the contacts have interacted with our content and campaigns, emails. 


Finance we haven't yet defined on what we would like to show for them. Same goes for management. 

  1. Sales
    1. EMEA
    2. US
    3. APAC
  2. Customer Success
    1. EMEA 
    2. US
  3. Marketing 
  4. Finance
  5. Management 

This would also be a great feature for us. Any update on this?


We have referrals come in, which we need to keep separate properties for each set. However, this makes it that there is a lot of irrelevant propertyy fields for each team.


This would be great for us as well on deals. My team members are selling multiple products to multiple clientel. Would be nice to be able to set default criteria for each deal based on the client for which we are selling. 




I'm new to HubSpot and learning the ropes to get it set up for a small business. I made a custom company property titled "Account Manager" with HubSpot User as the field type. I want to make the value for that field HubSpot User AND assigned to "X" team, so the values in the drop down are limited to the account management team members, omitting members assigned to the sales or marketing teams. 

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It's awesome to see @roisinkirby has taken this to the product team.   I haven't seen this feature live yet, or heard of it in a beta offering, so I'd like to add to it...


Can you also please ensure that this works for deal records?  Here's a use case for a client of mine:


Our client has a sales pipeline which the sales team uses to manage their deals.  When a deal closes, they create a new deal record and put it into a Contracts pipeline, where the multiple stages of the contract will be managed.  This is to emulate the Contracts object in Salesforce (which we just off-boarded them from using the Hubspot integration).


When the contracts team creates a new deal (contract) from a closed sale, the properties that they need to be prompted to enter on the creation screen are completely different than what the sales team needs to see when they create a new deal.  Additionally, when managing a deal (contract), the contracts team needs to see a different set of properties in their About pane for quick access.


As has already been mentioned, it's hard to ensure everyone on the contracts team goes in and sets their about pane as I tell them to, especially since we're their agency (on the west coast)...working remotely from their team (on the east coast).




 I agree, right now the only way to do this is to screen share with your individual team and then have them individually set the properties.


I also would like hubspot to add a checkbox to have the default view override the individual team views. As an admin I want to be able to set the default properties by team first, and then have the properties override theirs so everyone sees the same. 


I hope hubspot adds this option, as teams are great but it's still very cumbersome. Also the drag, drop UI is very buggy when you are trying to organize the properties. I would like to see a better UI developed here as it takes 5 mins to drag drop a property, often they don't stick and fall back to the bottom. 

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You're right tleg, that functionality exists in Salesforce and would make sense as well in HubSpot.


As far as the drag n drop, I agree.  Esp when you try to drag a property up and scroll at the same time, it just won't go...


We would like this exact feature also.


I would also like to add that this feature (and really all the features) should be for all three sections: Company, Contact, and Deal. 


I often encountering issues where something is available/allowable in one or more of the 3 sections, but not in another one of them...


Submitting another request for this feature. Here's an example of a need we have.


We have three channels we sell in to, real estate brokers, mortgage officers, and settlement companies. 


I need to know which CRMs these channels use so we know what CRMs we should integrate with. I need a different CRM dropdown option for each channel, and right now I have to show all three options in the profile about and in the create contact properties. 


Is the ability to change views on the product roadmap by chance? 


This would be of benefit to our organisation also.


@tlegwinski -- do you know what permission controls this (this being the ability to: screen share with your individual team and then have them individually set the properties)? I'd really like to limit this ability to 'admins' if possible, but my Customer Success team has entirely different needs than our sales team.


We would also like to bump this to the top.

We currently have set a hierarchical team structure containing - 1 Parent Division > 8 Children Divisions > each all containing 2-4 business departments within.

Therefore, from a high-level view, our business is structured with over 15+ departments all with differing default property requirements

We would hope this feature would be covered across Company, Contacts, Deals & Tasks.

Look forward to this moving quite quickly.



This is something we are also interested in pursuing.  We have our Parent company and then a sister company and I have the users set up in seperate teams based on which of the companys they work for.



Team 1:  Commercial Garbage - this team gets the majority of their leads from phone calls so we would want them to only see a certain group of fields when they are inputting the lead.


Team 2:  Dumpsters - They deal with roll-off/single use dumpsters and have a whole other list of criteria that they need.


Having manual lead forms for each team would make the process faster.


I would love to bump this up as well. I come from a Salesforce background, and custom page layouts based on a user's team or role is incredibly important. This would be incredible.


I have the same issue.

We are working into the same hubspot with multiple teams, and we would like to manage the properties based on the team of the user who is adding/editing the contact.


It could be great to manage it into the current option "Set properties your team sees when creating contacts" for example.




This feature will enable better usability of HubSpot. Based on Team membership, the user will only see relevant fields for completion etc. This will help us obtain better data quality by team responsbile for Lead generation to sales to implementation and support.

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This functionality would be a great feature to include. We have numerous uses for more than half our clients. 



Members assigned to specific teams within hubspot have different Default Properties (on Contacts, Companies, and Deals).



Sales team needs to view specific data on a Contact/Company/Deal record that is related to a specific, proposal contract.

Client Success team needs to view specific data on Contact/Company/Deal record that is related to a specific, executed contract.


Possible Implementation:

When setting "Default" properties that are visible, add a drop-down menu that select the "Team" which these Default properties apply.